Attention Solders Heading to the States for a Break

Jun 24, 2008 by

To our friends in the US Military who are overseas and heading home soon, I wanted to make a few choice recommendations states-side for you to consider while you're home. 

If you're on the West Coast, I'd strongly encourage you to take you and the Mrs. to Yosemite National Park.  You'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven.  If it's just the two of you, get a convertible from Oakland, Sacramento or Fresno and drive up to the mountains.  It would have to be one of the biggest changes in scenery you could be looking for and would give you a well-deserved break from the sand and the heat. 

If you're in the midwest, I'd recommend a trip to Golden, CO, not so you could drown in the makings at the Coor's plant in the middle of town, but so you could make a couple night's stop at Table Mountain Inn and experience what has to be one of the most comfortable beds you'll ever crash in.  The food is good, the mountains are beautiful, and you're just a few minutes from I-70 and headed into the Rockies.

If you're in the Southeast, I'd recommend a stop to Gulf Shores, AL.  The first governor I served under often referred to this as the best kept secret in the world.  Alabama has some of the prettiest and cleanest beach front areas in the world and few know about them. 

I've been told there are great opportunities for R&R in Maine, too, though after 22 years of dad being in the air force and me now being an adult, I've not had the chance to get up there.  Hopefully, some day soon I will. 

And if you're headed into New York with the Mrs., well, I recommend you try the Paramount Hotel on 46th and about 300 feet from Times Square.  The rates are very reasonable, and though the rooms are small, you'll be in the heart of the world.

As a parting note, I wanted to offer my thanks for all you're doing in the name of our country.  I wanted to join in 1984 and be a pilot in the air force like my dad was, but I have asthma and in 1984, the air force wasn't granting waivers for it.  That one condition has led me on a completely different path than I spent my first 20 years and first 26 moves from state to state and base housing to base housing.

God bless each of you.  If you have other suggestions on places to sneak away to, please do tell.

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