My Mom, the newest Mac convert

Aug 30, 2008 by

Another PC bites the bust.  Another user flees from XP and Vista.  Who is this one?  Why Cindy Claxton, my mom.  She's in the Apple Store in Birmingham right now making the purchase of the single-most beneficial tool she ever will set her hands upon.  And she's taking the initiative, proving how much it means to be a Mac user vs. PC user, and is signing up for One-to-One.  She lives in Montgomery, AL.  It's an hour and a half drive to the Summit in Birmingham, but her quest for knowledge of all the cool tools on her new MacBook mean enough to her to make that drive to be enlightened.  For someone in the lower 60s, you've got to admit, that's classy. 

Aren't you ready to ditch that PC?  Tired of the blue screens?  Tired of error messages every 10 minutes.  Find you an Apple Store like my mom has done.  You deserve better. Get a Mac. 

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