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Nov 25, 2008 by

Dear Friends, I'm grieved this morning to write you about the passing of a great man, the late Church of Christ Preacher, Prentice Meador, 70, who died at 6:08 a.m. today. 

I remember the first time I ever heard Prentice preach.  It was Father's Day morning in 2003.  That Saturday evening, a huge thunderstorm had passed over North Dallas knocking out all of the power.  At 11 a.m. that morning in June, it was still out.  But at Prestoncrest Church of Christ, with Prentice preaching, it didn't matter.  He was using a battery-powered microphone to speak to a room of about 2,000 people.  Did you get the point that it was June and inside and in Texas?  No AC, are you hearing me? 

He gave the first of many sermons that I enjoyed that Sunday.  And from that point on I was hooked on hearing him.  With him also came a great friend named Bob Chisholm.  I know Bob is hurting and happy right now, all at the same time. 

These two men, probably the two men of my time who I've come to admire and respect the most, have led me on quite a spiritual journey of growth and inspiration. 

Prentice could do his share of fire and brimstone, but he also left you with a song of an angel on your heart when he'd finished.

His knowledge of the Bible was vast, and yet he found every day, after preaching for more than 50 years, that he continued to learn something new from God every day. 

When my Grandpa Sheptak died in 2006, Prentice sent me a book called, "Good Grief."  It dealt with how to handle the passing of someone close.  Guess I need to get it back out.

Prentice and his wonderful wife, Barbara, were married for 48 years.  They raised some great kids who have provided us with inspiration, particularly as one of his granddaughters at 14 was struck with leukemia.  It went into remission, but it's still an issue.

Prentice left Dallas almost two years ago now to return to his home area of Nashville.

Last week, Prentice became ill.  Friday night he coded three times.  This morning, he passed on to the ages.

Thank you, God, for giving me the memories of hearing his great sermons, for his inspiration to live life in honor of you, and for giving me the joy of his friendship.  He's going to be missed.

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