Steve Jobs’ Obit Accidentally Published

Aug 28, 2008 by

This is troubling.  Does CNET know something they're not telling us?  I've heard the talk like you have about the possibility of Apple CEO Steve Jobs being sick again, and I understand about having an obit in the can for when it's time, but accidentally releasing it should be costing someone their "jobs," pardon the pun. 

Read here.  Then go to your local Apple Store, or Best Buy and treat yourself to a real computer that isn't burdened by Windoze.

           By Caroline McCarthy, CNET               
                                Thu Aug 28,  8:24 AM ET

An electronic gaffe at news outlet Bloomberg mistakenly sent an incomplete obituary for Apple CEO Steve Jobs over the wire on Wednesday afternoon, and a tipster promptly sent the soon-retracted file to gossip blog Gawker.

The retraction wasn't much better:

Bloomberg released a retraction later on Wednesday that made only the
vaguest of reference to the content of the gaffe. "An incomplete story
referencing Apple Inc. was inadvertently published by Bloomberg News at 4:27 p.m. New York time today," the retraction read. "The item was never meant for publication and has been retracted."

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