Central Park in Fall 2008–An oasis of peace

Jul 8, 2009 by

M R Ducks.jpg

I don't know who the lucky couple was on this day in Central Park last fall, but I'd do most anything to be back there taking this picture right now.  My how the world has changed since last October.  This just seems like a glimpse into a simpler time.  A happier time.  And with the temp in Dallas supposed to be 102 on Friday, a much cooler time at that. 

But I guess, too, the underlying message here is that even in the hustle and bustle of life in NYC, even in the fall, there was a place of peace these two could escape to and enjoy the simpler, slower things in life.  (Except the guy doing all the paddling…)

Maybe we should all seek out similar places of peace in our lives no matter where we are, and what time of the year it happens to be.

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