Ancient Aliens Playing Loose With Facts

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We’ve been keeping an eye on the show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel lately and have done some fact checking only to find that the facts in many cases have been left out in order they not get in the way of a good story.  That or blatantly false information has been aired.

One of the best ones yet comes from the flamboyant Giogrio Tsoukalos, who, when talking about the Carnac Stones in Brittany, France said that they, along with the Great Wall of China, “can be see from space.”  Well, we did some searching on Google Earth and all those megalithic rocks can’t even be seen on it, let alone looking out the window of the Space Shuttle as it zooms by at 17-thousand miles an hour.  And as an astronaut friend told me a few years ago, “If you could see the Great Wall of China from space, you’d also be able to see roads.”

Now we’ve come across how Tsoukalos is even selling t-shirts and bumper stickers.

One other disturbing point: If ancient aliens had flown all the way across the universe in their superior spacecrafts to come here, why on Earth would they need mankind to build landmarks for them to navigate within our airspace?   Don’t you think they’d pretty much have already figured that out?

The whole Ancient Aliens show is proof you can still get on TV by saying outrageously whack things as an “Ancient Astronaut Theorist” and we presume, make money selling T-shirts off of it.  Tsoukalos on Twitter was saying the other day that the demand had been so great it had crashed the Website. Of course he also said you can see the Carnac Stones from space and we know that isn’t true.

The fallacy of this show is that in challenging the teachings of modern archeological and historical thought that basically suggests that our forefathers of the past 5-13,000 years were kind of like the monkey-scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where they’re just learning to use bones as weapons and tools, and not very intelligent, they have swung the pendulum the exact opposite way by saying they weren’t smart enough to have figured this stuff out either that they had to have little green men from another planet do it.


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  1. I have little doubt that there is life elsewhere in this universe, and at least would like to believe that we were visited, but I don’t go around touting these things as facts, or distorting the truth to make it fit my beliefs.

    But this show is an absolute travesty when it comes to science, making claims on how wrong history as we know it is, and how obviously wrong it is by inserting their own facts, that tend to gloss over tidbits here and there that either would at least leave some doubt in a viewers mind. But to me, the worst thing about the series is that it is on a channel that is supposed to be educational, the History Channel.

    I’ve met a few people who thought that things on that channel had to actually be historic, or actually be proven. But it is a business, and apparently this is what people want.

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