MLGW- A Peace of War

Jun 17, 2011 by

At The Weekend Reader Book Shop in Balch Springs, TX with Client and Author Will Manning talking about his book MLGW – A Peace of War.

Flo Lockett Miles, the owner of the store is asking him questions. Current one: Which stars would play the characters in your book? Need a 20-year-old red head to play the role of Angela Saxon.

Know of any?

Photo of Emma Watson

Emma Watson as Angela Saxon?

The final recommendation for the lead character in his book would be Emma Watson, the darling of the Harry Potter movie series.

We think she could be a spirited red-headed Texan fighting in Iraq and saving lives in the physical and spiritual senses.  Guess where she’s headed to after Iraq……

The book also is available on Barnes & Noble’s Website.

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