B-52s and 24-hour Alert–It’s NOT Happening, But Fox News et al Screwed This Pooch

Contrary to what Defense One and Fox News and a host of other news outlets have reported in the past 36 hours, American B-52s are not going on Alert status, are not being readied in light of the North Korean situation, and in actuality all that’s happening is the Alert shack at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana is getting renovated and the Christmas Tree alert pad is having some work done.

But you’d never know that by watching Fox News or until you read way down in the Defense One article Sunday.

At one point in the Fox News story Sunday, they even said the B-52 was a supersonic aircraft.

Fox News headline says without a doubt America’s B-52s are going on Alert. But they aren’t.

The Monday morning Fox News headline was the most egregious thing I’ve ever seen. The headline says the country’s B-52s are on 24-hour alert status. That would suggest all 70 of them are loaded with nuclear bombs and the crews are sitting waiting ready to go. What a load of BS. This is an example of FAKE NEWS at its worst. Horrible stuff and war mongering. I’m reminded of the scene in Dr. Strangelove where the Russian ambassador tells the president, “Our source was the New York Times.”

Right now I can’t decide if the American public is being played a real-life scene of Wag the Dog — “This has nothing to do with the B-3 bomber,” or a scene from Dr. Strangelove, where the general who said the sites at Barksdale are being renovated over emphasized the work done is the equivalent of Gen. Ripper giving his crews the order for Wing Attack Plan R. and the generals at the Pentagon not knowing anything about it.

Either way, this is ridiculous.

Why would we put crews on alert in Louisiana to have them go bomb North Korea? Would they need a 15-minute notification to get off the ground to go fly 15-hours or so to bomb? Don’t you think the Russians would spot them on satellite flushing from Barksdale and pick up the phone or walk over to the NK border and say, “Hey, the US has launched their bombers, they’ll be here in a half a day, you might want to get ready!”

Most of the US B-52s on the other side of the globe got moved from Guam earlier this year to go bomb ISIS while the B-1s that were bombing ISIS got sent to Guam, so even as Fox erroneously reported today, the B-52s on Guam aren’t there….

Doesn’t anyone else remember that President Trump as Candidate Trump was EMPHATIC at saying he was NOT going to tell the enemy what he was going to do in advance? So why would he do that now?

My guess is the general who ran his mouth and got this all inflated gets his wings clipped when it comes to talking to the press. He should. This is nothing short of war mongering and has created a media uproar when it wasn’t needed.

Fox News also said the planes are being readied. That’s not true, either. That would mean the planes are being loaded with munitions. Bombs are being loaded to the pylons and nukes are being loaded to the bomb bays. That’s not happening, either, to our knowledge. The planes are not being sent to Wichita, to McConnell to be re-fitted with the fictional CRM-114s that were in Dr. Straneglove that never were operational in the planes to begin with. No new equipment is being added so that they can find midget troll dictators in a bunker somewhere in North Korea….. It’s all just dumb. Really, Fox. You screwed the pooch on this story.

And it’s disappointing how many people, smart people, bought it, hook, line and sinker.

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