My Morning Sign Ministry

May 13, 2017 by

My Morning Sign Ministry

This week I began something new about 2 a.m. Sunday. I typed up a message for my neighbors and then taped it to folded over manilla file folder and taped that to the metal table outside my apartment door.

There are eight units on my end of the apartment building. To get to the parking lot, one must pass by my front door.

Each day this week I put out a new message of encouragement.

Friday morning, I left three boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Friday morning I surprised my neighbors with Krispy Kreme donuts.

I took a break this morning, Saturday, but have big plans for the moms in the building for later tonight.

My church is considering a program called neighboring. I figured I might do some things ahead of time to get to know my own neighbors, not so I can then say “come to church with me,” but so we can all be closer.

One woman on our end of the building is having a hip replacement Monday. She’s going to be disabled and in as much pain as I have been. She needs prayers of support.

We have new neighbors. One this morning was at the laundry mat. Others are youngsters trying to figure out life. There’s a family above me. She’s a nurse. He comes and goes in scrubs. They have a daughter at Mesquite High School. There’s a woman with two grown children across and up the way. Behind me a family. He works in car parts, she’s some sort of nurse and they have a son at MHS, too. Another couple live downstairs and got first place in the Christmas porch decorating contest. I got second. But other than that, it strikes me I don’t know much about them. That’s what I’m trying to change with the morning interactions, though admittedly, from my messed up sleep cycle we’re not engaging in the morning hours. Yet.

One of my neighbors left this note taped to the door Friday morning.

These unique people all live in spaces attached to my own. It just makes sense to reach out and show a little kindness. To be neighborly.

Of course my situation the past 12 months has been a little limiting. It was a year ago yesterday, on Friday the 13th, that a chiropractor in Mesquite screwed up the nerves in my back and legs seemingly for good. After multiple surgeries and procedures, walking is still a chore as is getting about.

But I’m glad to say I’m a month now off the opioids. I’ve not had caffeine in two weeks. I’m beginning to feel a little like my old self.

After the donuts yesterday morning, I awoke to find a thank you sign taped to the front door.

On the table this morning was a card from the neighbors above.

Doors are opening. New friends are being made, and I am loving my neighbors as well as myself.

This morning’s thank you card from my neighbors.

Now, what to do next week?

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