A Migraine from Medication Overuse Headache

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A Migraine from Medication Overuse Headache

I awoke this morning after 14 hours of sleep caused by a migraine from Medication Overuse Headache. That’s what my neurologist calls them.

They’re the result of having been on opioids for 10.5 months as a consequence of what happened to my back after going to a local chiropractor for treatment.

I didn’t know the person who treated me on Friday the 13th, May 13, 2016 didn’t have a license when he walked into the room. That’d come two weeks later. I’m going to let the lawyers figure that out.

There is not a morning still, more than a year and a half later, when the first thought that shoots into my brain is that my back and legs still hurt. That’s because when I move, even slightly, a sharp pain rockets from somewhere along my spine to my brain and screams, “WHAT IN THE HELL!”

It’s chronic pain now. That’s what they call pain after it’s been with you after six months. Chronic pain tends to never go away.

And then there are the migraines. I had a bout of insomnia Thursday night. Friday was insufferable. By 6 p.m. last night I took an olanzapine, what my neurologist has ordered for relief, and went to sleep at 6:30 p.m.  I got up this morning, still woozy, at 8:30 a.m.

It’s kinda hard to live a normal life with the back and leg pain. Throw in the insomnia and the migraines on top. That’s my life now.

The church service I like to attend begins at 8:15 a.m. on Sundays. That’s about impossible to make anymore. Not when my body isn’t functioning on normal hours and within normal tolerances of pain. Yes, I have a pain stimulator on my back, but it also feels like I have a knotted grapefruit of pain around my spine and when the grapefruit moves, I’m in agony.

After so long, people don’t come around to check on me. They don’t call or text either. I get that. Why call and ask when the answer is going to be the same? Though quite honestly, it’d be nice to hear from friends. Claustrophobia is settling in as my neighbor.

I managed to not get addicted to opioids. Hurrah for that. But the long-term effects of what it’s done to the chemistry of my brain seems to have lingered.

The one positive in all of this is I read a lot. I’ve read 10 books so far this month and I’m on book 11, Olive Kitteridge. I consider my reading work because it is helping my writing. Though that’s harder to do these days because I’m not getting out as much so new ideas aren’t getting fed into my brain. Such vicious cycles, all of it.

The past two days I binge watched Amazon’s The Last Tycoon. I read the F. Scott Fitzgerald book in July. Maybe it was June. It’s one of the 33 books I’ve read since May, I know that. Regardless, the TV series was quite excellent, though I am not sure they went far enough in raising the stakes. They sure did a good job of setting up what characters wanted and then depriving them. That part was done most skillfully. And the acting was very good. Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily Collins, is amazingly beautiful and talented. I’m sure we will see her in more roles going forward.

All that said, my head still hurts and it’s 11:11 on Saturday. The pain has been there for more than 30 hours now and I wish I could go to the ER for an IV, but the last time that happened, BCBS said the drug the doctor used to stop it, (the normal migraine cocktail didn’t work) that his use of the drug wasn’t necessary and they then went about denying payment. But I’ve not gotten a bill and had to send them an ugly letter telling them it was the only damned thing that worked so just pay it. Maybe they have. What a mess.

We live in a society full of pain. When I was first referred to a pain specialist after my injury in 2016, the scheduler said they receive 50 referrals a day.

I’m going to go lie back down now. My head hurts too much to do anything else….


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