iPad Book on the Maya

Books for iPad Now Have Puzzles!

It made me smile when I saw for the first time that books for iPad now can have puzzles. In Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, we used the iBook-Widgets.com app to build one of Tortuguero Monument 6, one of the most important elements in all of Maya prophecy. 

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Books for iPad–interactive images for iBooks Author

Books for iPad–interactive images for iBooks Author Some call them “timelines” or “interactive images for iBooks Author.”  We say “scrubbers” or “sliders.” Apple says they’re “multi-touch images” for iPad. How about we just call them cool graphics that tell a story you can’t tell in a traditional book? What am I talking about? With books

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Books for iPad and iBooks Author Video

Another one of the most amazing aspect of books for iPad s the capability brought about by the iBooks Author Video widget. In our opinion, it’s really hard to decide if 3D animations or videos are the most compelling interactive feature of this new form of book.  Really, at this point, you don’t want to

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Books for iPad, Submit Your Manuscript

We now are accepting submissions for manuscripts for books for iPad. Please complete the form on our site and we will be in touch with you promptly to discuss how to make these amazing new “books.” German Wir haben jetzt akzeptieren Einreichungen für Manuskripte für Bücher für iPad. Bitte füllen Sie das Formular auf unserer

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Books for iPad–iBooks Author 3D Animations

iBooks Author 3D animations set books for the iPad apart from every other kind of book that ever has been made.  That’s not an exaggeration or a snazzy marketing claim.  It’s fact. Books for the iPad, and the newly released iPad mini,  include iBooks Author 3D animations, videos, multi-touch interactive images, puzzles, study guide notecards

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