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Books for iPad–The Great Gold Landslide of 2012 And Beyond

Books for iPad–The Great Gold Landslide of 2012 Earlier this year I was having a breakfast meeting–one that lasted for 4.5 hours–with our colleague, George Saltsman from Abilene Christian University’s spin-off, Connected Consulting, (and there’s a story I need to share about George,) but this point I must make first. We’d been talking about the

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‘What Apple Isn’t Saying About Books For iPad’

Editor’s Note: This is the news release which begins the first in a series of 10 daily posts about the innovative aspects of books for iPad made with iBooks Author. The series is not critical of Apple, but done to help spread the word of the fascinating education tools that rapidly are going into use

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iPad Mini Big Deal For Education In America

APPLE’S iPAD MINI, UPDATES TO iBOOKS 3, iBOOKS AUTHOR HUGE FOR TEXAS SCHOOLS, EDUCATION IN AMERICA, DALLAS PUBLISHER SAYS Dallas Publisher of Books for the iPad Says Advancements For Books Are The Most Significant Since Gutenberg Invented The Printing Press DALLAS—Apple’s announcement of the iPad Mini, and updates for iBooks 3 and the software used

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iBooks Author Update 2.0

WOW! We had hoped for the option to do something with additional fonts in an upgrade to iBooks Author and Apple has delivered in version 2.0, which just was downloaded.  In our book project, There’s A Zombie In My Treehouse, our client wanted a specific font for their book, one which up until now, wasn’t

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Awaiting The iPad Mini

Here are some things we hope happen with the iPad“Mini” announcement today and why we think this is so important: Apple also will release a new version of iBooks Author to help make more books for the iPad and the smaller version, though we suspect that the resolution matter will be more of a one-size

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Apple iPad Mini Big Deal For Educational Publishers

As a publisher of multi-touch books for the iPad, the prospective release next week of the Apple iPad Mini is a big deal; particularly for those of us who see the potential for this incredible technology having a positive impact on education in America and around the world.  The iPad Mini, as it’s being unofficially

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