The St. Jude Medical Spinal Cord Stimulator

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There are accounts in the Bible where those suffering from affliction went to Jesus and asked for healing and with a touch, their misery ended.

I know what joy they felt.

Last Wednesday morning, I began a five-day trial using a St. Jude Medical Pain Stimulator to address severe pain in my left and right thighs, and lower lumbar–all sustained after having been physically messed up at the hands of a Mesquite, Texas chiropractor on Friday, May 13, 2016. I have suffered incredible, constant 5-6, 6-7, and even 8-9 pain in the near eight months that have followed.

Tomorrow morning, my doctor is going to end the trial and remove the leads from my back. We will then begin discussions about having such a device permanently implanted in my spinal cavity and the battery pack to run it all implanted in my hip. 

Since having the device in my body, the pain has nearly vanished. There are a few times in each hour when I still feel a little discomfort, mainly in my right thigh, but nothing like not having the device.

I was scared as I could be about this trial. I am no longer. In fact, I dread the result tomorrow once it’s removed because I know I will return to the pain I felt Wednesday morning upon arriving at the surgical center to have it put in.

God has used this time to change me. I am closer to him than I ever have been. For now, I remain on high doses of pain killers, opioids, but at this writing, I can see how life will be with this device permanently implanted in my body. And I long for that to happen.

The device is simple. A cord sits in the epidural space of my spinal column. A lead exits my skin and is connected to the battery pack. With an iPod Touch, I am able to increase or lessen the amount of stimulation. I turn it off when I need to drive. But when it is working, it is like I do not have any physical pain where there has been great trauma the past 3/4s of a year. Pure and simple, it works.

My parents, siblings, children, and even myself have been concerned about whether or not to do this. I have no regrets now, five days into the trial.

They had said there was the likelihood that 50 percent of my pain would be reduced. I think a far higher amount has come to be.

When Jesus healed the afflicted, they rose up and wanted to shout his name to others. I’d begun to believe I would never walk normally again in my life. A psychiatrist who examined me prior to approving the installation said most he interviews are quite depressed by this point. But I have held on, and grown more fervent in my faith. And God has heard my pleas.

If you are at the point where regular injections, rhizotomies and back surgeries have brought you no relief and you’re being offered this option, I highly recommend it. Life is too short, and we were meant for more.

Many thanks to my doctors, the company rep, family, friends, and church members who have supported me during this nightmare. For the first time in a long time, it looks like there is a chance I will get my life back again.

I am like one of those figures in the Bible who has been healed, in part by modern technology, but also by faith. My God is Great. I seldom reduce him to only being “good.”

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