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Finding Water

Finding Water I’m in Week Seven of Julia Cameron’s book, Finding Water. This makes 19-straight weeks of following in her teachings, coupled with an equally invigorating study of my NIV Bible. Today I’m on the last pages of a second $0.50 college rule Walmart notebook. In fact, Chandler, my daughter, about fell over last week

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Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parents’ Graves–The Sayre Graves

Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parents’ Graves–The Sayre Graves The graves of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s parents are in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama. They are marked as #28. They are not easy to find unless you know what you’re looking for. How To Find The Sayre Graves Heading east on Upper Wetumpka Road in Montgomery, go past the

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The Barrowfields–Book Review

It’s taken longer than it should have but last week I read The Barrowfields by new author, Phillip Lewis.  The book starts out a little slow, but once you immerse yourself in the story, and that becomes easier to do with each passing page, Lewis takes hold of you with his quality, rich characters. I

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The Haley Buggin’ Guitar Riff Ditty

The Haley Buggin’ Guitar Riff Ditty Guitar riffs. We hear them and they earworm their way into our consciousness and then burrow in for a long stay. Last night about 8 p.m. I downloaded an app to tune my guitars and one for my mandolin. I never got to the mandolin. I tuned the guitar

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I’m Under A Writing Deadline

I’m Under A Writing Deadline So what does that mean? Naturally, my mind is trying to find everything it can to NOT write. And I have 56 days to meet a writing deadline. My kitchen is clean. My sock drawer indexed in a way that would make Sherlock Holmes envious. My Scrivener file is full

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Subjunctive Text–The English Answer to a Lack of Emotion

Subjunctive Text–The English Answer to a Lack of Emotion Saturday in Montgomery, Alabama, famed novelist Rita Mae Brown spoke during a workshop at the Alabama Book Festival about the hole in the English language caused by our vocabulary lacking the adequate words to “articulate emotion.” She says Subjunctive Text is English’s answer to our language

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The Travelers — You Are Now A Spy

I recently had the opportunity to read Chris Pavone’s The Travelers, a spy thriller and a great example for anyone living on the edge of morality not sure if their actions can or will have consequences. Will Rhodes is living on the edge and makes a costly mistake after making every attempt, well, a fair

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The Emotional Craft of Fiction

Donald Maass is a literary editing GOD. There is no better way to say it. I’ve now maintained a snail’s pace, using pen and stickies, to actively absorb every possible word of three of his books–Writing the Breakout Novel, Writing 21st Century Fiction–and now The Emotional Craft of Fiction. During the fall, I took the

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