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Drawing Art for My Novel Writing

Novel Writing With Pictures I have 51 days left to finish revising my novel writing for The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club and to turn it in to SMU’s The Writer’s Path program. I have spent time each of the past few days with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch and in Notes drawing

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Happy Birthday To My Fictional Characters

Happy Birthday To My Fictional Characters This morning my sister sent me a text–“I wonder if you know the day Kip was born on.”  I promptly sent her a copy of my Aeon Timeline, a timeline development software program compatible with Scrivener, the novel writing software, showing his pre-book life history and that of most

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Writing A Novel: A self-study?

Writing A Novel: A self-study?  Over on today we’re writing about an unexpected benefit of writing a novel–doing an in-depth personal self-study of oneself in order to be able to write a novel.  The logic makes perfect sense. If one is going to get into the minds of multiple fictional characters, there are many

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Writing a Novel: The project has initiated on

Writing a Novel: The project has initiated on Today on my companion website,, I’ve begun with announcement. I’ve been working several months now to begin the process of writing a novel. Actually, it really began sometime last year when I began with a print copy of Robert McKee’s book, Story, and spending untold

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iBooks News And Announcements — From Apple

Important information from Apple if you do any publishing on the iBookstore. We recently added the following new features and updates to iBooks, iTunes Producer, and iTunes Connect: Textbooks Available in All Territories Interest Age for Children and Teens iTunes Producer 3.0 Sizing Images in EPUB Enabling Ticket Notifications   Textbooks Available in All Territories

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A Word About RAM MacBook Pro

A Word About RAM MacBook Pro I have one of the last 17-inch MacBook Pros, with 2.4 GHz, Intel Core i7.  It came with 4 GBs of RAM, and for what we do making books for iPad and the videos that go into them with Adobe After Effects, Audition and Premier Pro CC, RAM is

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