Tropical Storm Arthur Christens New Hurricane Season

Well, it took what,  the first day of the season to have our first storm.  While Tropical Storm Arthur,was already over land and is expected to weaken, you have to wonder if we're not in for a LONG hurricane season if we're into one day and already having a storm.  Perhaps this is a foreboding

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Minot Bringing Back Memories of ORI at KI Sawyer

The problems at Minot AFB in North Dakota seem to be continuing.  That's really amazing to me given the seriousness we used to endure when the ORI showed up at KI Sawyer AFB when I was kid in Michigan.  When ORI (Operation Readiness Inspection) showed up, it was all business. All business. Now comes news

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Staggering Numbers from China

My heart continues to hurt for the parents and kids of China who have had their lives devastated by the recent earthquake and now the potential flooding from the lakes formed by rivers being dammed up from the quake.  I saw on the AP today that about 5 million people have been displaced because of

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Phoenix Lander Landed

Wow.  It made it.  NASA has a success once again.  And in big measure.   A new lander on Mars. Phoenix.   What a fantastic human achievement.  It's the irony of all Hollywood ironies.  How many times in the movies have we seen a Martian spacecraft landing here on Earth to see who we are, and in

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Einstein, the book by Walter Isaacson

I have been eying the book, Einstein by Walter Isaacson, all week and thought about getting it on the way out to LA Monday, then thought about it on the way back from LA Monday and then got it on the way to STL on Wednesday.  I'm into the first 100 pages and the book

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Crowne Plaza Hotel, Clayton MO

Wow.  This is a nice hotel.  I would have to say that the queen bed they stuck me in, though a queen, was certainly one of the most comfortable, firm and soft beds I've ever slept in.   Ever.  The area around the hotel offers a huge assortment of restaurant options, though I got in late

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