Grammatic Artist

Donny Claxton is the Grammatic Artist. I use words, pictures, video and graphics to tell my stories.

An Apple Christmas Carol For Tim Cook

An Apple Christmas Carol For Tim Cook Dear Tim Cook, War Eagle! That was some Auburn-Alabama game, wasn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s not my reason for writing. If you recall from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, I warn you these six years ago, instead of seven, Steve Jobs must be about to pay you a visit and warn

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Thanksgiving and Week 31 of Julia Cameron

Thanksgiving and Week 31 of Julia Cameron In that time I’ve not missed a single day of Morning Pages. I’ve had my mom and daughters tell me, when I’ve encouraged them to follow suit, that they can’t do something like that–write something daily where they must commit to writing three pages before doing anything else

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MY NEW WRITING TOOL: A TYPEWRITER I have a new writing tool this week. It’s probably almost as old as I am–a Smith-Corona Super Sterling typewriter. The same model my dad had when I was a kid. Same color, same everything. Now why would a writer with three Mac computers and an iPad Pro with

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The Opioid Crisis in America And How I Fought Back

The Opioid Crisis in America And How I Fought Back There is an opioid crisis in America. Since June of 2016, I’ve been plagued by it. I was hurt after a visit to a chiropractor in Mesquite, Texas May 13, 2016. My primary care physician put me on hydrocodone in mid-June 2016 and I was

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Finding Water

Finding Water I’m in Week Seven of Julia Cameron’s book, Finding Water. This makes 19-straight weeks of following in her teachings, coupled with an equally invigorating study of my NIV Bible. Today I’m on the last pages of a second $0.50 college rule Walmart notebook. In fact, Chandler, my daughter, about fell over last week

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Bring Back Barack 2020

Bring Back Barack 2020 This isn’t my political strategy, but it is the strategy of the Democratic National Committee. Someone in a room somewhere is working on this sure as the sun is going to be eclipsed by the moon tomorrow. It’s really quite simple. Run Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee against Donald J.

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Last Friday of July 2017

It’s the last Friday of July 2017. The eighth month of the year is upon us. Where did the first seven go? Last night three GOP senators killed a chance to repeal Obamacare. My premium is $821.55 a month already. It will be higher next year. My neurosurgeon wants to send me to a neurologist.

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