Grammatic Artist

Donny Claxton is the Grammatic Artist. I use words, pictures, video and graphics to tell my stories.

Overcoming 10.5 Months of Opioids is Not Easy

Overcoming 10.5 Months of Opioids is Not Easy As a result of a chiropractic injury, I spent 10.5 months on opioids and the results of having been off them for almost four months now still afflict me. On Friday the 13th, May, 2016, I went to what was then an unlicensed chiropractor operating in Mesquite,

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Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parents’ Graves–The Sayre Graves

Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parents’ Graves–The Sayre Graves The graves of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s parents are in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama. They are marked as #28. They are not easy to find unless you know what you’re looking for. How To Find The Sayre Graves Heading east on Upper Wetumpka Road in Montgomery, go past the

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The Barrowfields–Book Review

It’s taken longer than it should have but last week I read The Barrowfields by new author, Phillip Lewis.  The book starts out a little slow, but once you immerse yourself in the story, and that becomes easier to do with each passing page, Lewis takes hold of you with his quality, rich characters. I

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The Artist’s Way–Week 11

The Artist’s Way–Week 11 I’ve reached Week 11 of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. My life has changed tremendously in the past 11 weeks. I will tell you that. Probably more so than any stretch of time the rest of my entire life. The positive impact this book has had on me can scarcely be

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Zelda, Almost Home

The premise for the short film Zelda, Almost Home became quite simple: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1900, lived a wild and tumultuous life with the author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, whom she met in 1918. What if she came back today as a ghost? The inspiration to shoot Zelda,

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Mesquite Summer Sizzle

Mesquite Summer Sizzle Today in Mesquite, Texas, the city held their Summer Sizzle event in Paschall Park. The day wrapped up with a spectacular fireworks display. To shoot the event, I parked my car at Mesquite’s Hodges Park and walked along the Butterfly Trail, which I walk daily during sunlight hours. To get a prime

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Drawing Art for My Novel Writing

Novel Writing With Pictures I have 51 days left to finish revising my novel writing for The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club and to turn it in to SMU’s The Writer’s Path program. I have spent time each of the past few days with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch and in Notes drawing

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The Haley Buggin’ Guitar Riff Ditty

The Haley Buggin’ Guitar Riff Ditty Guitar riffs. We hear them and they earworm their way into our consciousness and then burrow in for a long stay. Last night about 8 p.m. I downloaded an app to tune my guitars and one for my mandolin. I never got to the mandolin. I tuned the guitar

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I’m Under A Writing Deadline

I’m Under A Writing Deadline So what does that mean? Naturally, my mind is trying to find everything it can to NOT write. And I have 56 days to meet a writing deadline. My kitchen is clean. My sock drawer indexed in a way that would make Sherlock Holmes envious. My Scrivener file is full

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