Grammatic Artist

Donny Claxton is the Grammatic Artist. I use words, pictures, video and graphics to tell my stories.

The Artist’s Way, Week Four–No Reading

The Artist’s Way, Week Four–No Reading Even before I reached Week Four of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, where she says to stop reading for a week, I had scaled back my time on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook because the noise from the Petulant Left–largely haters of President Donald Trump, largely haters

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My Morning Sign Ministry

My Morning Sign Ministry This week I began something new about 2 a.m. Sunday. I typed up a message for my neighbors and then taped it to folded over manilla file folder and taped that to the metal table outside my apartment door. There are eight units on my end of the apartment building. To get

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A Mile Into The Woods

A Mile Into The Woods I walked a mile into the woods today to be further away from you and closer to me. Perhaps I succeeded. But it was time for another view. I hear planes in the distance. The wind rushing over my ears. The rustle of the leaves. Feet padding along the trail. Cars

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The St. Jude Medical Spinal Cord Stimulator

There are accounts in the Bible where those suffering from affliction went to Jesus and asked for healing and with a touch, their misery ended. I know what joy they felt. Last Wednesday morning, I began a five-day trial using a St. Jude Medical Pain Stimulator to address severe pain in my left and right thighs,

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Ventral Hernia Repair–What to Expect

I had a ventral hernia repaired in my abdomen Sept. 26, 2016. Today is Oct. 5. It’s nine days post-op and I am posting this information because leading up the my surgery, I surfed the Internet for information about what recovering from a ventral hernia would be like and I have to tell you, NOTHING

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An Open Letter About Blue Cross Blue Shield

An Open Letter About Blue Cross Blue Shield On Aug. 11, 2016, I had a three-level laminectomy done on my S1/L5, L5/L4 and L4/L3 vertebra. All for nerves on my left side. On one level there was a 12 mm left-to-right extrusion. The pain beforehand was intense. All down my left leg. They have a

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I’m Impervious To Pain … Ouch, Not My Pain!

There’s a scene in an old movie where one character proclaims they are “impervious to pain.” A second character stabs the first in the thigh with a hairpin and the first character begins to scream in pain. “I thought you said you were impervious to pain,” the second character says. “Not MY PAIN!” the first

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Perspectives on Life

My late, maternal grandfather was an artist. One of the most important things he ever taught me was perspectives on life–the way of looking at the world. When I was in second or third grade, grandpa brought me a small microscope to K.I. Sawyer AFB in the upper peninsula of Michigan on one of his

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Happy Birthday To My Fictional Characters

Happy Birthday To My Fictional Characters This morning my sister sent me a text–“I wonder if you know the day Kip was born on.”  I promptly sent her a copy of my Aeon Timeline, a timeline development software program compatible with Scrivener, the novel writing software, showing his pre-book life history and that of most

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