Grammatic Artist

Donny Claxton is the Grammatic Artist. I use words, pictures, video and graphics to tell my stories.

The Melancholy of Divorce

The Melancholy of Divorce On my Facebook wall today are two photos with me and my dog, Molly, my Great Pyrenees we got in 2008 as a puppy and raised to a 70-lb adult, gentle giant. It’s almost been four years now since the collapse of my marriage with K., expedited largely by external corruption

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Win Or Lose Tonight, Auburn Still Wins

Win Or Lose Tonight, Auburn Still Wins I just had lunch at my local Wing Stop, figuring it’ll be too crazy to get in there tonight with Auburn and Florida State University playing for the final BCS National Championship. I went in wearing a sweatshirt I received for Christmas heralding Auburn’s chance to play in

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