Argo See This Movie!

No spoilers here, but you need to go see the movie Argo starring and directed by Ben Affleck.  Like at the next showing. It’s that good. It was so cool to watch Ben Affleck walking into CIA headquarters at Langley again after his days there in the 2002 The Sum of All Fears.  This time,

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My night after The Grammy’s observations

I just got to watch  last night’s Grammy’s, and did it largely on fast forward.  But here are my thoughts: 1) Katie Perry now is a Smurf. That also, at long last, explains her voice. 2) My eldest says no one likes Adele. Not sure that’s accurate, but I think I get where she’s coming

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Today is the Day, Dads, To Become COURAGEOUS

Today is the day. Not because the movie, Courageous is now in theaters nationwide.  But because today might be the last day you have to step forward and show those who mean the most to you, that you love them, that you love God, and that you’ll do whatever you can to move mountains for

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