Novel Writing

I am enrolled in the Writer’s Path novel writing program at SMU. The program features the use of Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey and the 12-points of the Hero’s Journey outlined by Joseph Campbell.

Thanksgiving and Week 31 of Julia Cameron

Thanksgiving and Week 31 of Julia Cameron In that time I’ve not missed a single day of Morning Pages. I’ve had my mom and daughters tell me, when I’ve encouraged them to follow suit, that they can’t do something like that–write something daily where they must commit to writing three pages before doing anything else

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MY NEW WRITING TOOL: A TYPEWRITER I have a new writing tool this week. It’s probably almost as old as I am–a Smith-Corona Super Sterling typewriter. The same model my dad had when I was a kid. Same color, same everything. Now why would a writer with three Mac computers and an iPad Pro with

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Finding Water

Finding Water I’m in Week Seven of Julia Cameron’s book, Finding Water. This makes 19-straight weeks of following in her teachings, coupled with an equally invigorating study of my NIV Bible. Today I’m on the last pages of a second $0.50 college rule Walmart notebook. In fact, Chandler, my daughter, about fell over last week

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Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parents’ Graves–The Sayre Graves

Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parents’ Graves–The Sayre Graves The graves of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s parents are in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama. They are marked as #28. They are not easy to find unless you know what you’re looking for. How To Find The Sayre Graves Heading east on Upper Wetumpka Road in Montgomery, go past the

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The Artist’s Way–Week 11

The Artist’s Way–Week 11 I’ve reached Week 11 of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. My life has changed tremendously in the past 11 weeks. I will tell you that. Probably more so than any stretch of time the rest of my entire life. The positive impact this book has had on me can scarcely be

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Drawing Art for My Novel Writing

Novel Writing With Pictures I have 51 days left to finish revising my novel writing for The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club and to turn it in to SMU’s The Writer’s Path program. I have spent time each of the past few days with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch and in Notes drawing

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I’m Under A Writing Deadline

I’m Under A Writing Deadline So what does that mean? Naturally, my mind is trying to find everything it can to NOT write. And I have 56 days to meet a writing deadline. My kitchen is clean. My sock drawer indexed in a way that would make Sherlock Holmes envious. My Scrivener file is full

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A Mile Into The Woods

A Mile Into The Woods I walked a mile into the woods today to be further away from you and closer to me. Perhaps I succeeded. But it was time for another view. I hear planes in the distance. The wind rushing over my ears. The rustle of the leaves. Feet padding along the trail. Cars

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