Voodoo Hill

Information about writing and revising The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club, a novel by Donald J. Claxton. The VHEC is a coming of age novel about 14-yo boys growing up in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1977. They live on K I Sawyer AFB and are dealing with some strange events–some associated with Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of… and others one of the boys is certain are “haints,” the ghosts of Hiawatha.

Finding Water

Finding Water I’m in Week Seven of Julia Cameron’s book, Finding Water. This makes 19-straight weeks of following in her teachings, coupled with an equally invigorating study of my NIV Bible. Today I’m on the last pages of a second $0.50 college rule Walmart notebook. In fact, Chandler, my daughter, about fell over last week

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Drawing Art for My Novel Writing

Novel Writing With Pictures I have 51 days left to finish revising my novel writing for The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club and to turn it in to SMU’s The Writer’s Path program. I have spent time each of the past few days with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch and in Notes drawing

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A Mile Into The Woods

A Mile Into The Woods I walked a mile into the woods today to be further away from you and closer to me. PerhapsĀ I succeeded. But it was time for another view. I hear planes in the distance. The wind rushing over my ears. The rustle of the leaves. Feet padding along the trail. Cars

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The Emotional Craft of Fiction

Donald Maass is a literary editing GOD. There is no better way to say it. I’ve now maintained a snail’s pace, using pen and stickies, to actively absorb every possible word of three of his books–Writing the Breakout Novel, Writing 21st Century Fiction–and now The Emotional Craft of Fiction. During the fall, I took the

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Voodoo Hill Explorer Club Soundtrack – 1970s Playlist

As you may know, I’m a student in the Southern Methodist University Writer’s Path program. I’m on the novel track and have been part of the program since last August. It’s a continuing education program. There is no degree at the end, but rather, disciplined training on how to prepare what is hoped to be

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