Drawing Art for My Novel Writing

Novel Writing With Pictures I have 51 days left to finish revising my novel writing for The Voodoo Hill Explorer Club and to turn it in to SMU’s The Writer’s Path program. I have spent time each of the past few days with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch and in Notes drawing

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Perspectives on Life

My late, maternal grandfather was an artist. One of the most important things he ever taught me was perspectives on life–the way of looking at the world. When I was in second or third grade, grandpa brought me a small microscope to K.I. Sawyer AFB in the upper peninsula of Michigan on one of his

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A Note To My Grandchildren

A Note To My Grandchildren It’s May 2, 2014 and at this point in my life, I don’t have any grandchildren. Just three wonderful teenage daughters who still are trying to figure out who and what they’re going to be in this world. Many days, even like today at my age of 48, I’m still

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Dealing with Change; #MadMen, Mad Me, Mad World

It became clear from watching last night's first episode of Mad Men Season 3, that this year's 13 episodes are going to be about how people deal with change.  We saw the introduction of new change agents in last night's show: most notably the Brits from the Sterling Cooper parent company across the pond. In

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Yosemite Trip 2009 Part I

Okay, we're into the countdown now for our departure. Kids are getting out of school today.  We're getting last-minute errands done.  Packing up our EA SPORTS Active branded Wii and ready to head to Yosemite where we'll be on site using our new incredible virtual fitness product. Anyone going to be in the Yosemite area

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