I’m in La La Land–Why the Movie Appeals to Creatives

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I’m in La La Land–Why the Movie Appeals to Creatives

Friends and family think I am in La La Land. Perhaps I am.

Today, April 25, 2017,is La La Land Day in Los Angeles in coordination with the DVD release of the movie. When released on iTunes two weeks ago I was skeptical as I started the opening number, Another Day of Sun. But that ended fast. 

I enjoy this film though it tears me up inside to watch.

As a creative who is something like Sebastian, “shanghaied” in the past, “letting life do a classic rope a dope,” I understand the emotions Mia and Seb personify in this film.

Here’s to the ones who dream. Foolish, as they may seem, here’s to the hearts that ache, here’s to the mess we make.

Boy, do I understand those words. How many times have friends and family suggested a “real job,” in lieu of pursuing the gift God put in me?

I’ve lost count. My life isn’t about the material riches many seek. I once enjoyed the lure of a fancy job title, the fancy car, the big house, and though the money doesn’t go as far these days, I don’t need it to either. Could life be better? Certainly, but my writing is important to me.

I recognize daily my time left diminishes each day. The past year of pain and surgeries caused by an ass-hat then-unlicensed chiropractor in Mesquite, Texas reminds me of such.

And then there’s the love story between Mia (Emma Stone) and Seb (Ryan Gosling). I’ve been fortunate to know the up and downs of true love. Seeing these two go through that process in song, dance, acting and inference provided me an emotional rollercoaster when I’m reeling from the most special person in my life walking out when I could barely walk at all.

Somehow I started playing Ringo Starr singing Photograph yesterday and after four months and six days, I found the nerves in my heart still as raw as the ones damaged in my legs by the medical profession.

God moves people in and out of our lives, I get that. But the God I believe in doesn’t call on us to do to others as has been done to me. Another dishonest shanghai if you ask me.

Everything You’ve Got

I’ve taped copies of “Everything You’ve Got” around where I am reminded that pursuing my dream as a writer is my greatest goal.

I understand, however, the path that Seb and Mia take in the movie. Each has a dream they’re pursuing with everything they’ve got. Around my apartment–on my computer keyboards, mirror, fridge, light fixtures, etc.–are little notes to myself from Seb–“When you get this, you’re going to give it ‘everything you’ve got.’

So while the ending of the movie rips my emotions to new levels of pain, there is poignancy and elegance woven into the fabric of this movie that’s hard to personify in the English language–so in this case, it’s best that it’s done in film and music.

My mom and eldest daughter don’t like the movie at all. My twin daughters will buy their own DVD of it today.

It’s probably not a movie for everyone. After all, there’s a reason why Hollywood doesn’t make musicals targeted for adults these days. But it’s just that dreamy magic and hope–God don’t we all need a little of that to ease our daily pains–that makes La La Land all that more special.

I’m revising my second of three drafted novels. My goal is to submit it to the SMU Writer’s Path program in August. They’re taking up to 13 of us in the program to NYC in November to meet with agents and publishers representing the Big Five. Whether I am selected or not, I’m giving this everything I’ve got. This is my dream and without one, well, what’s the point of living like that?

Mia and Seb don’t think so either.

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My night after The Grammy’s observations

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I just got to watch  last night’s Grammy’s, and did it largely on fast forward.  But here are my thoughts:

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10:  Musician Glen ...

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1) Katie Perry now is a Smurf. That also, at long last, explains her voice.

2) My eldest says no one likes Adele. Not sure that’s accurate, but I think I get where she’s coming from. She does, however, remind me of Moma Cass.

3) Lady Gaga is just weird. The novelty has worn off, honey.

4) The two girls texting during the standing O for Glenn Campbell, one said she was tweeting about how great he did. Glenn Campbell on a farewell tour just makes me sad.  He’s had his demons to deal with but Alzheimer’s we need to find a cure for.

5) Tony Bennett and that girl from OK, Underwood, great song.

6) There’s a lot more to Lady Antebellum than there was last year.

7) I missed seeing Justin Beiber sitting on the edge of his seat actually thinking he might win an award and then the surprise look on his face when Gaga did.   She replaced him this year in that category.

8) Sir Paul singing with Glenn Campbell from the audience was cool. How great an honor would that be to have Paul McCartney in the stands singing with you as you sing from the stage?

9) Disney thinks lawsuit over the Foo Fighter lighted Mickey Mouse-head thing. What the hell was that?

10) The End by Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, et al was the coolest ending of any show that ever will be televised ever.  And it’s cool Paul has a wife this time around who knows lyrics.  Who knows anything, actually.  Well done, sir.

–I was waiting for Paul to sing Her Majesty as the Grammy credits rolled… Oh well.

Until the last 10 minutes, this show was not near what it was last year.  But that last bit with Paul, well, was there a show last year?

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