What The Auburn Alabama Game Has Done For Auburn

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What The Auburn Alabama Game Has Done For Auburn


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It’s been five days since the 2013 Auburn Alabama Game in Jordan Hare Stadium in Auburn, Alabama. A game where Auburn was ranked 4th going in and beat UAT/BAMA, ranked 1st nationally going in, and where Auburn won the game in one of the most unusual and spectacular 109-yard TD run plays of all time.

And the impact of the game has been surprising. When I was in college, the Bammers used to love to mock Auburn and say, “Where’s that?”  Even five days after Bama’s defeat this year, people in surprising places have been talking about AUBURN.

At the end of the news on ABC’s Nightly newscast with Diane Sawyer Monday, they ran a feature story of the Auburn-Alabama Game.  Brian Williams, Tuesday in talking about the man-made earthquake from Monday Night Football in Seattle pondered on air, “What would have happened had they been doing seismology tracking in Auburn Saturday night?!”

Justin Timberlake chimed in on Twitter Saturday calling the game one of the most spectacular he’d ever seen.

And all that’s great, among the famous people. But something else has happened these past few days.

As I’ve moved about Dallas, from a lunch scene at Corner Bakery Wednesday, to lunch at Jason’s Deli Thursday in Mesquite, I’ve either overheard people still talking about Auburn and their win, or people, a woman today, came up to me and said, “Wow, you must have had an amazing Saturday.” (I was wearing an Auburn sweatshirt..)

Last year, Gene Chizik had made the Auburn football program crap. We were 0-8 in SEC games. Bama fans were relentless and have been since Cam Newton interrupted their string of national championships.

Saturday’s win has shut the Bama mouthing down. It’s been a nice quiet few days of people, who had they beaten Auburn, would have continued along with their sometimes arrogant, can’t be beaten, Titanic-type of attitude. Some have posted congratulatory posts to Auburn on their Facebook walls, but none/few of my traditional harassers has put anything of congratulations on my own wall. And that’s okay. And I’ve not gone looking to rub it in. I should, but I’ve not, because I’ve also seen how viciously ugly the Bammers can get when the subject is brought up. Apparently it’s been okay in the past to trash Auburn for losing, but it’s not okay to tease Bammers when they lose.

Nonetheless, for the purposes of this post, I want to return the focus on the good that’s come about because of what happened in a second of official time in Auburn Saturday. People around the country know about Auburn now and they’re saying nice things. What a change that is from where we were last year.  What a change that is from where we were 30 years ago…… Now if only Auburn will make something positive of all the new attention….


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Today’s Sports Section of #Auburn–Please clip and send

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I’d like to ask if you’re reading this today that you do me a small, but very special favor.  Please pick up a copy of your local newspaper today and find the section in it about Auburn winning the BCS National Championship last night. 

I’ve been waiting for 31 years for last night to come and it’d be great to have a collection of clips/articles/pages of the newspapers around the country and globe even, marking this memorable event.  If it’s on your front page, would you just send the whole page?

If you’d be so kind to send them to:

Claxton Creative, LLC,
PO BOX 800844,
Balch Springs, TX 75180

It’d mean a great deal to me.  I’ll also mention you back in a thank you post for your efforts.



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Brent Musburger Biased? Toward Auburn? Not Last Night

Jan 11, 2011 by

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 10:  Quarterback Camero...
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About a month ago I wrote here on DaddyClaxton.com that the thought of Brent Musburger calling last night’s BCS National Championship Game featuring the Oregon Ducks and my Auburn Tigers made me want to vomit. (Brent Musburger Calling Oregon/Auburn Game Makes Me Nauseous)

I so expected Mr. Musburger to pull for Oregon and fully expected Auburn to struggle throughout the game.  In big games like last night’s, that just seems to be the way they play.  It’s been like that since I became an Auburn fan in 1980.  This isn’t the first group of Auburn Cardiac Kids; they were just the latest edition.

And so, with trepidations, I turned on the sound to the game last night to hear Musburger and “Herby” do the game.   And I have to say I felt like my fears of Musburger pissing me off were not realized.  I think he actually did a balanced job.

I’ve already seen that fokes have been coming here to DaddyClaxton.com under searches like “Musburger biased toward Auburn,” and “Why is Musburger biased?” but really, today I have to stand in defense of him.

Last night’s game with the Oregon Ducks was probably one of the most unique and inspiring football games ever in the BCS-era, and maybe even the national championship game itself.  The game literally came down to the wire–0:02 decided win or tie or lose.

There’s not much more one could ask for in a game like that.  Oregon and Auburn seemed almost uniquely matched.  Oregon did a great job of shutting down Cam Newton.  He did well in the game, but it was nothing like any of the previous games in the season.  And once he got hit hard a few times, he realized he was in a tough game.  The smile and skipping stopped.

Michael Dyer

Last night for Auburn was a glimpse of the things to come.  Newton will be going pro soon and who knows who will be quarterback.  At the beginning of the year, someone asked me about our QB and I told them we didn’t have one.  My brother corrected me.

But it was cool for true FRESHMAN Michael Dyer to become the offensive player of the game last night instead of Newton.   I even heard at one point Dyer got more rushing yards this year than Bo Jackson in a single year.  Hello!

Back To Musburger

I know I have felt many times in the past that he’s been biased.  Just listen to him say, “Ohio State Buckeyes!”  It’s just a little too happy.

But for last night’s game, I thought the man was as close to balanced as we could have asked for.   Your thoughts?

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Congratulations Oregon Ducks, And The Auburn Tigers

Jan 11, 2011 by

Wow.  What a great, great game. 

I’m Auburn thru-and-thru, but Oregon, you’ve got absolutely nothing to be upset about.  You played one of the best games I’ve ever seen.

And Brent Musburger and ESPN, I commend you and want to take back what I said before.  Musburger, you did a balanced job tonight and I appreciate it.

And now I go on to celebrate.  Congratulations Coach Chizik, Cam, Michael, Nick and company.  That was one for a lifetime.  .

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Auburn and the BCS National Championship Tonight

Jan 10, 2011 by

GAME TIME TONIGHT is 8:30 Eastern/7:30 pm Central on ESPN. Auburn v. Oregon.

UPDATE: I’ve written before on how I understood White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs protecting the interests of the news media.   I missed this the other day, but it’s a hoot that Gibbs says he’ll roll the White House if Auburn wins tonight.

I wasn’t born in 1957.  I’m told that’s the last time Auburn won a national championship.  Believe me, I’ve had dozens, if not more, Alabama fans remind me over and over and over since 1980 when I moved to Alabama for the second time in my life.

We moved back at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school.  In getting to know the mates in class, I’d ask who they were pulling for in the NFL.  Being a Dallas Cowboys fan since I can remember, it was just the most natural question I could ask.

Auburn or Alabama

But you see, in Alabama, there is no professional football team.  (Keep the snod Cam Newton comments to yourselves, please.) I was told, “We don’t follow the NFL here. You’re either and Auburn fan or an Alabama fan.  There ain’t no in between and there is nothing else.  Plus, the Falcons suck.”

And so in those formative years, I found myself following Auburn.  They began a run over Alabama in those days–though that first November Paul “Bear” Bryant beat Auburn and achieved his record setting wins or something.

Three years later, when it came time to choose where I wanted to go to college, there was only one place.  Auburn.

After college, when I began working in the Governor’s Office for Gov. Guy Hunt, an Alabama fan, and then Gov. Fob James, a star on the 1954 Auburn team, the loyalties for Auburn became more and more entrenched.  Being from North Alabama and hiring a good many fokes from up that way, members of the Hunt administration to me mainly were “Them.”  Being in Montgomery and so close to Auburn, I became to them an “Aub.” A “One of ’em.” And I became an easy mark.

Driving through east Alabama on one of the governor’s stops, someone looked at a dilapidated old country home and said, “Look, there’s the Auburn campus.” One of the security used to send me beeper messages saying there was a 10-54 in the road in Auburn.  (A dead cow.) Yeah, with Auburn having done so much for agriculture in the state, it was so easy for them.

Gov. James was different.  Well, he at least still pulled for Auburn.  And with him were more like-minded people.  I didn’t hear anything more about 10-54s.

The History of Auburn Sports

Over the years, I’ve seen Auburn so close to being able to break into the top, only to be let down by a bad play, a bad referee call, or the prejudices of the BCS system where a 13-0 record wasn’t good enough to get into the top game only to see Oklahoma field a team that played as well as a little league squad.

I’ve seen the incredible beauty of Bo Jackson running.  I’ve seen good quarterbacks rise up and become household names in Alabama where you could talk about them like they were regulars in sitting across the dinner table.  And I’ve seen them try so hard, and just not make it.

It’s been an up and down ride.  The ridicule. The crap the BCS pulled.  I’ve seen coaches come and go.  And now I’ve seen two great players, Bo Jackson and Cam Newton win the Heisman Trophy.

Tonight’s Game

Tonight’s game is going to be an emotional event for many, many people across Alabama and across the country, and around the world.  There are Auburn people everywhere, we’re probably just not as loud as fans like Georgia or Oklahoma.

We work hard.  We wear orange and blue.  And we confuse many when we yell War Eagle!” at kickoffs, or when we walk past someone else with an Auburn t-shirt or lapel pin, and then describe ourselves as “The Auburn Tigers.”

The stories are rich.  To ever see the Eagle fly from the stands at Auburn’s Jordan Hare Stadium down to the center of the field over the AU emblem stirs almost as much emotion in many as the playing of a wedding march or the national anthem. And to see the mascot, Aubie, usually a crazy guy in a tiger suit who has an uninhibited personality, hamming it up with referees, players, children and the hot hottie who’s gushing for him as much as he’s gushing for her, is enough to make you smile and say, “War Eagle” all over again.

Naturally, I don’t know what will happen in tonight’s game.  But I can easily get choked up like John Boehner winning a door prize at the pride I have of the guys who will be there on that field tonight, (most likely with Brent Musburger biasedly hyping Oregon).

There are generations of people around the world who have been waiting for tonight to happen almost as bad as Cubs fans long for a return to the World Series.  (I’m a Cubbie, too, so trust me, I get it in the Fall and Spring and Summer.)

Hopefully, things will go well tonight.  Even so, the 2010 football seasons has been one of the best rides ever.  We’re honored to have had you along.

War Eagle!

And ESPN, if Musberger sounds biased, I’ll just watch it with no sound.

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