Super Bowl and Super Service, Genghis Grill is the place to be Super Sunday

Feb 5, 2012 by

(Editor’s Note: The original for this post is on the Genghis Grill site.  Please jump over there and give me a positive vote for it.  We’re in a tough race.)

I have to say the icing on the cake about this challenge with Genghis Grill so far has been the people who I have enjoyed getting to know.

At Genghis Grill

At Genghis Grill (Photo credit: toastforbrekkie)

Here at the Mesquite, Texas store is a variety of coolness, from the manager, Jessica, who will meet you with a beaming smile every time you see her, to the assistant manager, John, who seems to be one of the hardest working people I know, you can tell why the atmosphere of this store is open and fun.

One of my more frequent servers has been Jasmine.  Talk about a bowl of fun and energy!  She got me on Friday.  I for the life couldn’t recall her name from last Wednesday, but after two days of people coming and going in here, she could remember mine.  She also saved me a ton of headaches as I left in a hurry Friday and left my secret Genghis Grill Health Kwest card and my debit card.  It wasn’t till this morning I realized my debit card was missing.  John had given me back my GG card yesterday.  My point is, Jasmine should get an honesty bonus.

My server today is Katya.  She’s Russian by birth and has been in America for the past 11 years.  She is so friendly and smart.  I know from having friends who were born in other countries some times when you talk to them the conversation runs with a little lag because as you talk in English, they mentally are translating it to their native language, deciding on an ansswer in their home tongue, and then translating it back to you in English.  Katya says she’s been stateside long enough, and she doesn’t get to speak Russian often, that she pretty much does it all in English now,  Not that that matters; her smile is exciting in any language.

Teriaki Chicken

I followed the GG recipe for teriyaki chicken today and added a couple extra ladles of sauce.  I have been mixing the sauces and not going with 100 percent of the same.  To me, it’s a little too strong.  I’m going to have a clean bowl when I leave, but just a reference note.

So who will I meet here next?  Yesterday I made reference to the lady who was going through the line just ahead of me.  She and her friends were having a great time a few tables down when we left. It was clearly girls night out.  Any bets they went to the movies after leaving here?

Next to me now is a family with mom and dad sitting there with their tablets.  This must be the tablet section today.  Did you know they have free WiFi here?

So what do you do when you come to Genghis Grill?   Anyone going  to come in for the Super Bowl?

Who is your favorite GG server?


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1,800 Calorie Goal for June 8, 2011

Jun 8, 2011 by

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m on a mission to cut my calorie intake from “out of control” to 1,800 per day.  Not going to be easy.  Just to show you how easy it is to get to 1,800, I’m going to show you the next couple of days.

Breakfast: Two cups of Cheerios, 1 cup of skim milk (okay, maybe two). Two pieces of whole wheat toast, a small dollop of lite margarine and a dollop of grape jelly–Almost 450 calories.

Going for 1,800 calories today with three “larger” meals and three snacks.  That’s going to be hard when with just that little bit I’m already a third of the way there.

Snack 1: 10:15 a.m. 1/4 cup of honey roasted peanuts.  High in Sodium, but only 170 calories.  That puts me at 620 so far today.

Lunch: 12:30 p.m. Low fat low calorie roast beef sandwich on whole wheat, a dollop of mayo, salt and pepper.  One serving of kettle BBQ chips.  Add 550 calories and 1170 for the day.  Two more snacks and dinner to go.  Ugh.

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