Greetings From Huntsville, AL

Jun 1, 2011 by

We’re back again in Huntsville, AL meeting with the company leaders of Digheon Healthcare, Inc.

Much has been done to advance the positioning of our client in the past few weeks.

It’s time for us to begin some new discussions about how to market a medical information company online and in traditional channels.

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Athens State University: Example of FB Business Pages Working QUICKLY

Apr 10, 2011 by

This morning we posted a request for information on the Athens State University Facebook page.  We’re back in Huntsville, Alabama working with our client here and looking for some assistance via interns who might be looking to actually try their teachings out on a live project.

A short post on the Athens State Facebook page yielded an email asking for more information to forward on to the right person on campus.  All in about an two hours.  And on a Sunday, no less.

This is how social media, and particularly, Facebook’s business pages, even for universities, is supposed to work.

Still trying to figure out how to reach the same people at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  (By contrast, here is their FB page:

Nonetheless, congrats to Athens State.

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Day 1 in Huntsville, AL: Do you say hi to others with a nice finger flick?

Mar 12, 2011 by

Rockets in an outdoor museum in Huntsville, Al...

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Whew.  What a day it’s been.

I’m dead tired but have so many ideas and missions running thru my head.

One thing I realized tonight while driving out to my friends’ house.  I was driving down a two-lane road and the driver in a car coming toward me flicked his fingers up to say, “Hi.”  He didn’t know me, he was just saying, “Hi.”

I still do this in Dallas with police and obvious law enforcement types.  It’s something I picked up from living here in Alabama, but also just because of all those years working around police and state troopers.  You saw one, you give them a friendly flick of the fingers that means, “Hi,” and, “I see you.”

You don’t get that back in Dallas.  In fact, driving out here on the Interstate, I felt like either I was so focused on the issues at hand or I’ve gotten so jaded from living in a big city, that I’ve stopped looking over to the side when I passed cars.  Yesterday, I just drove on passed.

So, it’s been nice to be back.  I was driving through downtown Huntsville to get to my friends and was astonished that Highway 231 looks just as unfinished as it did back in 1998 when I was here the last time on the campaign trail.  I don’t get it.

Tomorrow’s another big day.

I need to stop and find a church in the a.m. and thank God for all he’s done for me.

Trying to wrap up two big video projects for two separate clients and the prospects are good for another new one.  God has opened so many doors for me the past few weeks.  It’s amazing when that starts to happen.  And it’s clear as a bell when it doesn’t.


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Return To Huntsville, AL

Feb 21, 2011 by

Rockets in an outdoor museum in Huntsville, Al...

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Tomorrow we have an exciting meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, where 16 years ago this month, members of the Alabama Super Computer showed our owner “this thing called a ‘browser.'” When he started saying, “Wow, you could set this up to renew driver’s licenses, legislative bills….” They said, “FINALLY!  Someone from state government who gets it!”

Two weeks later, the Super Computer Authority was running the first T-1 lines into the historic Alabama Capitol, and our owner went out and bought a “How To Write HTML In A Week” book. (That was literally the name of it.) Six months later in August 1995, out came the news release from the Governor’s Press Office that Alabama had an official Website. The Montgomery Advertiser story was lead with a headline that was six columns wide.

Our meeting tomorrow is with officials of a new high-tech software company that literally is going to change the world.

We can’t wait for the meeting, nor for what will happen when we return to The Rocket City in another 16 years.

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