KT Tunstall’s Tiger Suit leaves me with Difficulty; but that’s good

Oct 8, 2010 by

KT Tunstall’s new album Tiger Suit came out this past week in the states and like a true fan, I downloaded it on iTunes.  And because of things going on this week, I’ve missed seeing her on Leno and then on the Today Show on NBC this a.m. Rats.

But to the album. I first connected with KT via the The Hotel Cafe Christmas album from a few years ago where she did a cover of Sleigh Ride. Her version has become one of my top Christmas favorites, and I’d be scared to see how many times it’s played in iTunes since Christmas of 2008. I also get SMS updates from her on Twitter, which over the past few months have given me an insight into what she’s been up to as she prepared for the release of this latest album.


With the iTunes purchase comes a 52-minute “the making of” video. That helped to watch, too, as I delved further into the content of the album. Of course, I’ve been receiving her email updates over the past month or so, so I’d been able to see and hear some the new material before. But the album is out now, so what of it?

My fast favorite on the album isn’t one of the tracks for commercial appeal like Fade Like a Shadow or Still a Weirdo, though I must say, I like the latter more than the prior.

Oh, yeah, my favorite so far: DIFFICULTY.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good bass line and this distorted guitar riff with it’s repetition and then calculated rises in tone, followed by a repeat of the refrain have locked into my psyche and I will admit, offer me comfort much like how ants flock to the comfort of the vibrations in wires caused by electricity passing through them.

And in a dozen ways I can relate to these lyrics:

Isn’t much more I can do for you
Isn’t much more that I can try
Twisting myself into shapes
To stop you crying
What’ll I do if I lose you
What’ll I do if I lose
Difficulty is coming my way
Coming my way

Making my way into places
Only been seen on your darkest days
Breaking my heart to take a walk
Into your jungle
What can I do in this world for you
If difficulty is my friend
Keeping me company when I know
I don’t need it

The chorus is uplifting, almost a glimpse of the feeling it must be like to break free of the difficulty.

You change every day
You change every day
(What can I do to make you notice)
You change every day
You change every day
(A little more time to bring you home)
You change every day
You change every day
How can I tell you the truth?
When I don’t want to.

Possible days in my future
Possible ways into my past
Sewing it up nice and tightly
So I don’t wonder

What if I did so much more for you
And what if I’d said so much more
Difficulty would be a stranger
A stranger to me

The only thing I don’t like about the song is the bridge in the middle.  Then it gets away from me and I’m ready for the return to the comfort repetition.

I’ll write more about the rest of the album as I migrate my way through the new sounds.  But if Difficulty were on vinyl I’d already be hearing the sounds of wearing down the grooves.

I wish KT was going to be making a stop here in the Dallas area.  It would have been nice to take the kids to see her so we could all enjoy Other Side of the World, (still my favorite of all) Little Favours, Cherry Tree, Like the Weather, Suddenly I See, and her catalog of great songs.  

Would I buy this album again?  Yes.  And I recommend it to you, too.  Some of the songs aren’t going to be things that grab a hold of you on the first spin, but that’s sometimes the best, where lyrics and tunes slowly seep into your consciousness and then all of the sudden, you’re humming them or putting them on repeat in iTunes.

Difficulty? Watch for it next season on TV.  The Good Wife would be a great candidate for it on CBS, or maybe as the ending song on one of the CSI episodes where one of the female mainstays goes through a difficult upheaval in a relationship and feels like KT sounds in the song and then the song just stops on one of the final notes as the screen goes blank before the Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer black screen credit and stay tuned for the news pitch comes on.

It’s that kind of song.  David Zucker and Jerry Bruckheimer producers, I hope you’re reading.

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New KT Tunstall video–Fade Like A Shadow

Sep 2, 2010 by

Here’s a new video from KT Tunstall.  I’d really like to take my girls to one of her shows next time, i.e., if she ever comes to Texas.   Right now, she’s still ‘the other side of the world,’ to us.

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@KTTunstall’s Glamour Puss; The first sounds of her new grind

Jun 13, 2010 by

KT Tunstall is in the midst of a mini-tour through Great Britain and I’ve been waiting for someone to post something about her new material.  One of the UK papers wrote something yesterday saying it was dancier than her previous stuff, but they never said if it’s any good or not.

Comes now a YouTube video post of her performance in Edinburgh, last night.  It’s said “Glamour Puss” is going to be her first single off the new record.  Of course a YouTube video most often isn’t done with studio equipment and of course, this is a live performance, but I must say, after hearing it twice, it’s kinda catchy.

Not to mention how good it is that KT is actually back from her three-year holiday.  The next question becomes when shall this darling of England make her way across the pond so we can see her over here?  No word as yet.

In the meantime, here’s last night’s video.

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My Top 25 Christmas Songs of All Time–What are yours?

Dec 2, 2009 by

As you might think, I'm big into Christmas.  Always have been.  Part of Christmas to me also is the music that goes along with it.  I can honestly tell you that in the past 30-some-odd years, I've never put up the Christmas tree without playing Christmas Is… by The Percy Faith Orchestra.  I play the whole album and regard it as one of my favorites of all time.  1085261

So in my iTunes Playlists for Christmas, here are my top 25.  I encourage you to try each of them out if you don't already have them.  Which of the 25 is my absolute favorite?  Hm.  I really have no idea.  They're all pretty darned good.

1)  White Christmas, Bing Crosby

2) Do They Know It's Christmas, Band Aid

3)  We Need A Little Christmas, The Percy Faith Orchestra

4)  Sleigh Ride, KT Tunstall

5)  Winter Wonderland, Johnny Mathis

6)  Christmas in Dixie, Alabama

7) Blue Christmas, Cheryl Crowe

8) The Little Drummer Boy, The Harry Simeone Chroale

9) Happy Christmas, War Is Over, John Lennon

10)  All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey

11)  Linus & Lucy, Vince Guaraldi Trio

12) Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reigndeer, Burl Ives

13)  Frosty The Snowman, Jimmy Durante

14)  You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch, The MGM Studio Orchestra

15) Merry Christmas Darling, The Carpenters

16)  His Yoke Is Easy, The Royal Philharmonic & Royal Choral Society

17) Wonderful Christmastime, Paul McCartney

18)  Christmas Is … The Percy Faith Orchestra

19)  Home For The Holidays, Perry Como

20)  All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, The Chipmunks

21)  Maybe Next Year (X-Mas Song), Meiko

22) Baby It's Cold Outside, Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews

23) Tinsel Town, SHeDAISY

24)  Christmas Is Just Around The Corner, Barry Manilow

25)  The Chanukah Song, Adam Sandler

Again, the order of the songs is debatable.  But to me, any Christmas song playlist has to have these 25 in it to have the best of mixes.  Enjoy. 

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