Client Services–Installing A Buy Now Button From PayPal

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There are some times when clients’ needs are the equivalent in difficulty of shooting a layup in basketball.  (It is time for March Madness….)

It’s these times when rather concentrating on big picture issues, more can be accomplished in a few hours that will bring your clients endless happiness and, hopefully, the success of sales.

Adding PayPal Buy Now Buttons For WordPress

Today, we had the great opportunity to work with our client Professional Nutrition Therapists here in Dallas.  For some time, they’ve been wanting to add PayPal Buy Now buttons to some of the items they have for purchase.  Now it’s important to point out that while PayPal doesn’t charge a monthly fee etc for this, they will take a small percentage out of the total value of the transaction.

As a reference for them and others not familiar with how to add the traditional BUY NOW button from PayPal, here’s a guide.

First, after logging into PayPal, go to the Products & Services tab and drop down to Get Paid on the bottom left.  The next screen will have a ADD PAYMENT BUTTONS link.  Take that and it will take you to a Web Payments Standard page. 

Drop down to the area that says “Sell Products” and it will take you to a screen that’s entitled Creat PayPal payment button.  One simply adds the appropriate information–don’t forget shipping and local sales tax rates– and make sure you jump down to Step 3: Customize advanced features and change the setting if you want your customers to be able to order more than one of your super duper widget.


The next step is to create the button and it’s going to give a series of code.  All you do then is copy it, then go back to the place in your Website where you want to add it, and paste.  (If you’re working in WordPress, you need to click on the HTML tab and out of the Visual mode and paste.)




Once you’ve added the coding, jump back into Visual Mode and then finish the rest of your post/page and hit publish.  This should put the button in place.  For ease of mind, it’s also a good idea to load the real page and then click the button to ensure it works.


This is what we did during our meeting today at PNT.  At the end of the session, they were thrilled that they had made such a significant jump.  And now we invite you to take a look at their page and products. Pretty spiffy, isn’t it?


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New AP Stylebook changes going to be a challenge to unlearn

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For the past 15 years I’ve typed “Web site” to refer to what the Associate Press Stylebook now is referencing as the acceptable use of “website.”

Ugh.  For those of you who try to follow AP Stylebook rules like Mrs. Blair Gaines or Dr. Barbara Nixon still were going to give you an F if you put three to five of them in a writing piece, I have a feeling you know what I mean by that “ugh.”

All together now: Ugh.

But apparently there are enough people out there who have not been following the guides to make them turn mainstream.  Otherwise, I think it’d still be “Web site.”

According to the AP, “‘Web’ remains a capitalized proper noun when used as a shortened form of World Wide Web, and e-mail, with the hyphen, remains unchanged for electronic mail, along the lines of similar phrases such as e-book, e-reader and A-list.”

Other changes include:

  • The distinction between Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the corporate name of the discount retailer, and Walmart, for the stores themselves.
  • New entries recognize significant developments in world events: Great Recession, referring to the 2007-08 economic downturn that was the worst recession since the Great Depression, and tea party, for the conservative political movement.
  • Other new entries cover Alcoholics Anonymous, Bluetooth, Blu-ray, bondholder, Breathalyzer, flu-like, GED, International Space Station, mic as the shortened form for microphone, hard line, high-five, Taser, thumbs-up and Ultimate Fighting.

There are ultimately 42 changes included in the new edition.

I’m happy to see that mic is now acceptable.  The spell check didn’t even object to just leaving it hanging out there with not “rophone” on it.

Such is the evolution of words and an interesting perspective on how online social media is having an impact on the communications world.

And one has to wonder if Alcoholics Anonymous made the list from those of us who still use the AP Stylebook and sleep with it under our pillows out of fear of Mrs. Gaines or Dr. Nixon and their favorite red pens!

I still want to use Web site.  Hopefully, neither of them can find any additional violations in this piece.

Editor’s Note: Blair Gaines was my newspaper adviser when I was the Aumnibus editor my final year at Auburn University at Montgomery.  Barbara Nixon, Ph.D, is a graduate of Auburn main campus who now teaches at Georgia Southern. I highly respect both of them.

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