Best Buy for Apple Best Rural Solution

Aug 13, 2008 by

iPhones are coming to Best Buys across the nation.  Add that to their sale of iPods and Macs and add that to the wise list of Apple in marketing their products in areas where people don't have an Apple Store.  As you know, I live and breathe Mac, so it's hard to tell Mom back home in Montgomery, AL to go get one when I can't also be there to help here on her learning curve.  Now add Best Buy into the equation.  Smart move.  Though Best Buy won't have One-To-One training, for iPod, iMac or iPhone, this is a way to expand market reach.  And hey, with the cool on-line tutorials Apple has, well, it won't be as good as One-to-One, but hey, it's a step in the right direction. 

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