Black Friday Madness leads to the death of one

Nov 28, 2008 by

Can the sales offered today anywhere really justify the nuttiness of a Walmart where 2,000 people this morning trampled a maintenance worker to death three minutes after opening?  My goodness, what have we come to when this happens in America? 

When people talk about the over commercialization of Christmas, look for further than this.  Very sad.  What a waste.

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  1. Walmart had a horrible system to their sale this morning. My hubby and I had the best intention for shopping there this morning till we heard what was going on. They had everything on pallets and wrapped up in black saran wrap. An employee told me that someone would come by and cut through the saran wrap at 5am and it was first grab first served. It didn’t matter how early you were – if you were faster or could push harder, you’d have a better chance of getting what you wanted than those who might have been waiting hours.
    I’m not psychic, but I could totally forsee what a massive mess that would be. So we left and went to wait in a line at another store. The associate said previous years they would pass out numbers or at least have an associate at each line making sure no one was cutting in line. But even she was thankful she would get off work at 1:45am and wasn’t going to be there at opening. I guess reading this wasn’t a complete surprise to me and was exactly the reason my husband and I didn’t stick around even though we could have been “first in line.”
    So sad to hear about this. Although I think the customers were insane and responsible, I think Walmart could have had a better system and could have avoided this type of situation completely.

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