Coach Tubberville, We need an offense

Sep 13, 2008 by

From my strategic PR point of view, I can see that this game against
Mississippi State was simply a ploy to catch Bama, Georgia and next
week's LSU off guard.  How else could one explain such a horrible

JEEZ.  I just finished watching the worst Auburn football game in as long as I can remember.  It was a joke.  We are very fortunate that we weren't playing LSU this week.  And if this is what we're going to do next week, I'm not sure I'll even turn the TV on.

Coach, it's time to work on some fundamentals.  I've seen more fumbles this year already than I care to see in an entire season. 

A sprained neck for Lester is not good. 

Thank God we have a defense, but not having an offense next week against LSU is going to be a bigger embarrassment than winning a game with a score of 3-2. 

We certainly are not the ninth-ranked team in America and I fear when the new polls come out in the morning they're going to reflect that.  I certainly would not be surprised by it at all. So, we've got LSU right where we want them.  They've got to be thinking we're going to be like playing a Junior High School next week.  So Coach, it's good to see we've got them right where we want them.  Let's just hope the team, who for some reason were celebrating their win tonight, don't get to believing our own PR. 

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  1. I thought you were watching Casino Royal???? I agree with all you said!!!

  2. I agree, it was a pretty scary thing to watch… I do think if we can get past this transition time in moving to a totally new offensive system that it should be good, real good, but I don’t know if the Auburn faithful are really willing to wait it out and perfect this system as we go, using real games as practice.

  3. Tommy gives his Offensive and Defensive Coordinators a lot of freedom to run things UNTIL he is dissatisfied with how they’re doing it. I’ve heard from a realiable source that he already has his “game face” on and I’m sure he’s had a “come to Jesus” meeting with the OC. I expect we will see a different team this Saturday.

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