Crowne Plaza Hotel, Clayton MO

May 22, 2008 by

Wow.  This is a nice hotel.  I would have to say that the queen bed they stuck me in, though a queen, was certainly one of the most comfortable, firm and soft beds I've ever slept in.   Ever.  The area around the hotel offers a huge assortment of restaurant options, though I got in late and settled for room service.  Pam was prompt, the food was good, the carrot cake was outstanding. 

The strangest thing about the stay?  In my room is a green, heart-shaped hot tub.  In the bath room, there is a full tub with a water pic shower, and then, there is a full shower behind the door.   Never have seen so many water resources in a hotel and certainly didn't expect them all in the heart of America in St. Louis. 

Okay, gotta motor.  The car arrives at 7 a.m. and I've got 50 mins to finish packing and get downstairs.  Would like to get some tea to drink.

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