Einstein, the book by Walter Isaacson

May 23, 2008 by

I have been eying the book, Einstein by Walter Isaacson, all week and thought about getting it on the way out to LA Monday, then thought about it on the way back from LA Monday and then got it on the way to STL on Wednesday.  I'm into the first 100 pages and the book is a very good, colorful and interesting read.  I do recommend this book.  In and of itself, it does what Einstein would have liked–provided a colorful insight into the life and times of a historically significant character to see how they lived, their influences, etc. 

Einstein also had a belief in how we should get kids interested in math and science, one we're following at work today–show them, not with tedious formulas and memorization–but with real-life applications.  Yesterday in STL, we had a man asking students about baseball.  He asked them, if I hit a ball with the inside of the bad or the outer part of the bat, which will make it go the furthest?  Obviously, the outside because of the mass of the bat and the velocity it generates from the strength of the batter's swing. 

Einstein thought about things in the way of pictures in his head.  I find comfort in that because I often have to do the same to fully understand an issue or a problem.  My office has 12-feet of wall space covered with white boards that are actively used.  Same principle.

No, I'm no Einstein and never will come close to making the impact he did, but the book is a good read and worth getting.  Also, the iTunes version is abridged, so while you might think you're hearing all of it–it is well-edited and flows like you're reading the book, there are significant portions that have been left out.

Once I finish the book, I'm going to have some of the kids read it at home.  I know one young man in our house who will find keen interest in it.

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