iPhone 2.0 needs an update

Jul 28, 2008 by

I have to say that two weeks into the whole new iPhone 2.0 that I'm less than excited.  Well, yeah, I have found fun and joy in Shazam and Scribble, and this neat app for Sudoku.  Shout it! has been cool, too, as has the light saber. 

But there have been several times when I've left one app to open another and the whole thing has just crashed and taken me endlessly to the Apple logo.  After holding down the off key and the home button, it'll perk back up after a few minutes, and then give me a new Apple logo, and then it just pops back into the works like nothing happened. 

That didn't used to happen before all the new apps came along.

Which keeps me harping on a line from one of the Mac commercials where the Mac guy is telling PC, "you can't help it, you've got all these other people writing software for you," etc.  Maybe that's happened here and a little too fast and too broadly for Apple to keep up with. 

Yes, there were troubles a few hours the first day.  Vista still doesn't work.  Which leads me to another thought.  Can you imagine how ticked Michael and Susan Dell are at the Gates' over Vista?  Dell makes his money by making a PC computer that runs Microsoft.  If that doesn't work well on a Dell machine, are people sitting there cursing Windoze at home, or are they thinking this "new Dell I just took out of the box doesn't work?" 

Yes, for those of you saying that, you should have bought a Mac.  Maybe next time.  And a few hundred Windoze crashes later.

While I know that Apple has fokes working the iPhone issues as I type and they'll have it fixed soon, we haven't seen any progress out of Microsoft, other than they have stopped selling XP all together.  What a solution.

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