My Dad is now a Mac Man

Oct 23, 2008 by

Well, we made two trips to two different Apple Stores today, but as of this night, Oct. 23, 2008, my dad is now a Mac Man, and I've lead my fourth person to convert in the past year.  Hoorah.

Tonight we spent a lot of time just helping him get acquainted with his machine and trying to configure operations so he's ready to use it on his own.  What a different process, son actually teaching father how to do something. 

It was a great night and one I could only have imagined.   He's got himself a MacBook Pro now, too.  Albeit it's a 15.4 inch and not like my 17, but hey, he just got one of the new ones that were just announced last week.  That whole three and four-finger touchpad technology is way cool and full of new tricks that will make new owners glad to say they have a Mac and not a PC. 

Way cool, Dad.  I'm proud of you for stepping into the future and opening doors to a world that is all that you can imagine it to be.

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  1. I’m glad you had a good time iwth your Dad.
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    Great writing, and I’m glad to be involved with this site.

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