New York Cabbies

Jun 2, 2008 by

Well, much has been said throughout time about the nature of New York Cabbies.  You get all the clichés but when it comes down to it, well, I kind of like 'em. 

For the one thing, the back seats are quite roomy and comfy, even for a bigger person like me.  I got in and out of them with ease.   In Chicago, it was a challenge getting in and out of the back of a crown vic.

Here, the ones I've been in, all look brand new, they're clean, and they even have a TV monitor in the back so you can see Chan 7 news, weather, etc.  And, unlike Chicago, you can pay by credit card.  A blessing if you haven't found an ATM and you need to get from point A to point b.

Yes, they can drive fast and they create their own lanes, but hey, they get you there quick.  I tried private transportation back to my hotel today and I prefer a cab. 

Hey, Rick Davis, you'll love this.  A NYC cabbie told me today that McClain is going to win in November "because these two keep putting their foots in their mouths."  My thought upon hearing that, is if a cabbie is saying that, you're in a good way. 

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