Phoenix Lander Landed

May 26, 2008 by

Wow.  It made it.  NASA has a success once again.  And in big measure.   A new lander on Mars. Phoenix.   What a fantastic human achievement.  It's the irony of all Hollywood ironies.  How many times in the movies have we seen a Martian spacecraft landing here on Earth to see who we are, and in this case, we're doing just the opposite.  Will we find life on Mars?  The bazillion dollar question, but we're knocking on the door. 

The pictures so far look breathtaking.  Sure, some are black and white only.  And yes, they're mostly of rocks, but think of the accomplishment.  Think of the potentials for tomorrow.  Think of the possibilities of us seeing one of our children taking the first steps there before the end of our days.  And then there is beyond Mars. 

Sure, one step at a time.  Another giant step.  A soft landing on another planet 422 million miles of travel away.  Does science get more fascinating and exciting than that?  I'm sure it does, but for the moment of the day, when there was the potential to crash a multi-million dollar craft into the red dirt of Mars, our scientists made our dreams come true.  Wake up America.  We can go to Mars some day.  Don't you want to get there a day sooner than tomorrow?  What a fantastic journey that shall be, too. 

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