Do you do Social Media or Social Engagement: The Difference is huge

Aug 4, 2010 by

Charles J. Orlando is one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Modern Media Man Summit of which I’m a key organizer for next month in Atlanta.

Charles and I talked briefly today about his upcoming presentation at M3, and here was his social media tip of the day:

“The term Social Media is a bunch of BS.  SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT is the key.”

Think about that.  It’s not just broadcasting out to the world.  It’s about engaging the world and not just putting information out there in a one-way preaching, but seeking interaction and comments.

How do you carry out Social Engagement? Or are you stuck in Social Media?


I’m struggling with the idea of creating a comment policy.  Because of some recent comments that I found offensive, for now, I moderate all comments made on   What do you do on your site?   I’ve adopted the belief that not even negative comments should be deleted.  But is there a limit as to how far that goes?  What are your thoughts?

The Problem with Women is MEN

Charles has a new book out.  On March 1, 2010, he had 300 friends on Facebook.  Today, he has more than 55,000.   Do you think he’s doing a one-way conversation or there’s a hell of a lot of engaging going on there?

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