The Adjustment Bureau–Go. See. It. Friday.

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Out of no where over the weekend I received a tweet from @KloutPerks saying that because of my Klout score, which depressingly has dropped from a 63 lately down to a 57, I was going to enjoy the benefits of a reward–a free screening last night of The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Mad Men‘s John Slattery. When I arrived at Northpark Mall’s AMC Theater in Dallas, I was ushered off to a long line of people waiting to also see the film.  But when one of the event promoters asked me for my ticket and I showed her my Klout invitation she said, “Honey, you’re not supposed to be in a line.  Go straight to the table at the door for a wrist band and they’ll show you to your reserved seat.”  And so, past the other 200-plus people in line I went!

After watching some entertaining displays of six people giving their impersonations of Matt Damon and learning about, a movie review and premiere event company here in Dallas and Austin, Tx, they started the movie.  I mean, they literally started the movie.  None of that turn your phone off video, no other Coming Soons “In A World….” stuff.  Boom.  Movie begins.


The Adjustment Bureau

Now I’m not going to do a spoiler review.  I’ll wait till Friday to post the intricate details of the movie.  But here’s what you should know going in.

Go to this movie to have fun and to enjoy the feelings of falling in love and doing everything in your being to be with the person you know is “The One.”   Damon is good, but he’s not doing marshal arts and grabbing guns out of people’s hands before they can blink.  He finds a woman who he was only supposed to see once and never see again in the streets of New York City and it’s crowd of nine million other people.  The rest you’ll have to wait for.


If you want to go to the movie in character, this is your chance to pull out your Mad Men clothes a few months early and wear them to the film.  John Slattery, aka, Roger Sterling, turns in a John Slattery performance and at times you just think you’re going to see him bum a cigarette off someone or pull a bottle out of somewhere.   But then, after four years of Mad Men, how can you not just see Slattery and get a grin on your face knowing there’s probably no way of knowing what he’s going to say next. 

Essential point–if you want to have fun–wear a Fidora to the movie.  You’ll feel like you’re even closer to the film.

The Movie Critics

The critics are being a little rough on the film. Criticizing it for not being as dark or hard-hitting or something Bourne-ish.  It’s not meant to be.  At the heart of this film is a love story.  One that will take you back into your younger years and remind you what it felt like to find someone who you knew was the right person, and then adds a twist, tries to keep you and the person from ever seeing each other again.

Go see this movie.  Go and have fun with it.  And if you’re taking a date, make sure you have extra tissue with for her.  She won’t boo hoo, but she’ll be doing the happy tears thing.


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