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Tomorrow we have an exciting meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, where 16 years ago this month, members of the Alabama Super Computer showed our owner “this thing called a ‘browser.'” When he started saying, “Wow, you could set this up to renew driver’s licenses, legislative bills….” They said, “FINALLY!  Someone from state government who gets it!”

Two weeks later, the Super Computer Authority was running the first T-1 lines into the historic Alabama Capitol, and our owner went out and bought a “How To Write HTML In A Week” book. (That was literally the name of it.) Six months later in August 1995, out came the news release from the Governor’s Press Office that Alabama had an official Website. The Montgomery Advertiser story was lead with a headline that was six columns wide.

Our meeting tomorrow is with officials of a new high-tech software company that literally is going to change the world.

We can’t wait for the meeting, nor for what will happen when we return to The Rocket City in another 16 years.

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