Coronavirus Update March 11, 2020 -Pandemic Declared

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BREAKING: The World Health Organization Wednesday declared the spread of the coronavirus a global pandemic.

Update: As of 1:13 p.m. central today, the count of cases in Italy rose from 1,049 to 12,462–a change of 137 people. Along with that came the deaths of 196 people recorded above this morning, making the death total in Italy up to 827 people. The United States death toll now is at 37, up from 35 this morning and 31 yesterday. The number of cases in the US has reached 1,110, from 1,050 this morning (Wednesday) and 761 Tuesday and 566 Monday. A point to note, The White House and the Center for Disease Control in America have emphasized that more test kits are being put out into the field.

The coronavirus update for March 11, 2020 is based on the website maintained by Johns Hopkins. This post is an examination of those numbers and a comparison of the numbers from the day before.

Worldwide there are 5,445 additional cases reported, bringing the total to 121,564. The number of deaths from yesterday changed by 286, with the total today being 4,373 and yesterday at 4,087.

All in all, the number of new classes reported in Italy changed by 977; Iran by 958; South Korea by 242; Spain by 552; France by 372; Germany by 348; and the United States by 289.

The death rates are less drastic. Italy had an additional 168 deaths; Iran 63; South Korea 0; Spain 14; France 3; Germany 1; and the US 4.

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