About Donald J. Claxton

About Donald J. Claxton, The Grammatic Artist

Donald J. Claxton lives on the cutting edge of technology and is a noted iconoclast. The author of three-full-length novels, he is a leading developer of interactive books for the iPad, a designer of websites, and a writer, director and producer of videos.

Donald J. Claxton

Donald J. Claxton, Feb. 14, 2018.

As a spokesman for two former Alabama governors and the communications director for the 12th largest school district in the US, Mr. Claxton has experience doing hundreds of live and taped TV, radio and newspaper interviews on CNN, MSNBC, The BBC, and national, state and local news outlets. In fact, Tucker Carlson once tried to promote him from spokesman of the Dallas Independent School District to superintendent. Mr. Claxton declined.

He has more than 30 years working in public relations for government, school districts, and corporations.

While in political office, campaigns, and working for public school districts, he gained valuable experience in market research projects including focus group moderation, recruiting, and telephone polling.

He has extensive use in social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and LinkedIn.

While state computer services officials were still debating the value of an IBM System 36, he launched the state of Alabama’s Website in August 1995.

He has worked with numerous brands online including EA SPORTS, Chevrolet, Whrrl, Snickers, and Gillette.

Specialties: Interactive books for the iPad, iBooks, iBooks Author, public relations, media relations, crisis communications, brand management, social engagement tools: blogging, Twitter, Facebook, book promotions, business model design, and corporate naming. Also has worked extensively in market research.


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Mr. Claxton has been a student in the Southern Methodist University Writer’s Path program since August of 2014 training under the leadership of J. Suzanne Frank.

What You May Not Know About Him

Every day he uses a Smith-Corona Silent typewriter from the 1950s to write special letters to friends, family or those who are ill, have lost a loved one, or are in his church. Someone who he’s found is in need. Each one-page letter offers encouragement and support to the receiver.  

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