Favorite Authors

Favorite Authors Study List

I have a list of favorite authors who I read and study. By reading their work, they are changing and improving mine.

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Recently I heard the phrase, “don’t read the book, read the author.” If it is a famous phrase, I can’t seem to find it on the Net. Google certainly didn’t return a hit when I searched for it, but it is what I have been doing the past year without realizing that was what I was doing.

So, in addition to my Reading List, suggested by Author Heather Sellers, who recommends reading at least 101 books to hone one’s craft, I’m formulating a study of authors. How many will be added to this list is anyone’s guess. It doesn’t matter the quantity, really. What matters is what I learn from these men and women through the ages and attempt to share with you here, and what you are able to share with me from your own discovery.

I have put them in alphabetical order to avoid arguments about which one was/is the best. That argument to me does no good. Good writing is good in any age and the dynamics of writing at different times in history are not the same.

The Authors

Cameron, Julia

Dickens, Charles

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Hanks, Tom

Hannah, Kristin

Hemingway, Ernest

McEwan, Ian

Moshfegh, Ottessa

Patchett, Ann

Powers, Tom

Sellers, Heather

Shakespeare, William

Towles, Amor

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