Traffic Fatality Near Certain at 500 Cartwright Rd in Mesquite

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Traffic Fatality Near Certain at 500 Cartwright Rd in Mesquite

I have been writing in this space for more than a year now that a traffic fatality is going to happen at 500 W. Cartwright Road on the borders of Mesquite and Balch Springs. Thankfully, I’ve not been proven correct yet, but the past 48 hours have produced multiple opportunities for that to be true.

June 6 2014 accident B

June 6 2014 accident, 11:30 p.m.

In the past 48 hours now, there have been two serious accidents with west-bound drivers who, when they have stopped spinning, have been facing back toward the east in the middle of this very dangerous intersection. The second one happened tonight, Friday, June 6, 2014 about 11:30 p.m.  (See night photo)

At about 1 p.m. today, I video taped Mesquite ISD school bus 205 not only violate district policy by making a turn into this intersection during a red light (I don’t blame this driver for doing this, the light holds a ridiculous amount of time and people coming out of the complex probably honk. Problem is, this is a very dangerous intersection), the driver also basically ran the light. ( I had decided earlier in the day not to make an issue out of this, but, given there have been two significant accidents in this very intersection in the past 48 hours, it appears to me that showing how even an MISD bus driver disregarding the law in this intersection shows the other side of the  problem.)

Two days ago, a car going toward 635 crashed all over the intersection about 7 .m. 

Last year, and over the past four years, there have been multiple accidents of drivers running into the phone poles and AT&T equipment in the southeast corner of the intersection. And the fencing along the road in the curve has been taken down because it kept getting plowed thru.

On at least three occasions this school year after dropping off my daughter at Mesquite High School, I’ve noted drivers going east on Cartwright have also disregarded the flashing red lights on the school bus as it has stopped to pick local kids up for school. They stopped at the complex just west of here, but then one day I saw at least five cars drive right past the bus while its red lights were flashing like crazy.

What is very likely to happen in this intersection, however, is that a resident(s) of Stoneleigh Apartments is/are going to be killed while waiting for the light to change and a vehicle that’s just gotten off Interstate 635 at the Bruton/Cartwright Rd exit flies into them at high speed heading east. 


The timing of stop lights of many of the intersecting roads in Mesquite is ridiculous. If you’re not on a main road, good luck in not sitting at a light for an inordinate amount of time. The ones along Beltline between Galloway/Beltline and Mesquite High School for as long as three minutes.

The scene of a wreck on Cartwright on June 4, 2014.

The scene of a wreck on Cartwright on June 4, 2014.

But what happens either east-to-west, or west-to-east on Cartwright Road is that those coming off 635 headed east, or those going toward 635 from Cartwright and Beltline, often exceed the 40 mph posted speed limit and around the curve right at Stoneleigh they go. Those going east don’t realize the road curves to the northeast and they go flying into the AT&T cable and phone boxes and telephone polls,

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it's not been fixed. Now there's a blue tent over it.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it’s not been fixed. Now there’s a blue tent over it.

or they come from the east going west and don’t realize the road curves and they go flying into the light poles in the median.

Either way, the city of Mesquite is poised for a good suing when someone finally winds up dead in this intersection. They have had ample time to realize this is a problem and Stoneleigh Apartments has pleaded with the city to do something about the timing of the traffic light in front of the apartments.

1) Strict enforcement needs to happen on Cartwright Road for those going over 40 mph in either direction. 

2) The timing on the light at Stoneleigh needs to be further adjusted so that it is ABSOLUTELY impossible to go from Beltline to Stoneleigh, or from the two lights at 635 to Stoneleigh and make it thru that traffic light without having to stop.  PERIOD.

3) There probably need to be some warning treads placed on Cartwright as one proceeds from west-to-east toward Stoneleigh at the apartment complexes just beforehand to alert drivers that something different is ahead. It’s going to one day become Deadman’s Curve if action isn’t taken. The same thing needs to happen in the curve after one has come across the bridge over the Butterfly Park Trail.

4) The portable “You’re Going This Fast” radar sign has not ever been located in this area of Cartwright Road. I’m not sure it will help, but it’d be one more step to help regular drivers realize there is an issue here. 

5) When school starts up, Mesquite Police need to sit in the Stoneleigh Apartment parking lot a few mornings and wait for those to come by who are too important/busy/or dumb to stop when the bus is there picking up the kids and the red lights are flashing. 

Even with these provisions, there’s still likely to be a problem.  For the 11 years I’ve lived in the Mesquite/Balch Springs area, MPD has been running radar out on 635, operating one of the most active speed enforcement zones in North Texas, and on any given day, you an see them with multiple cars stopped or those who they miss just flying thru.

This is a major issue in the Balch Springs/Mesquite area. Someone, regrettably, is going to lose their life because of a driver going too fast in either direction of Cartwright. Mark it down. I dearly wish the city of Mesquite would take some serious immediate actions before it’s too late.


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W. Cartwright in Mesquite–One of the most dangerous curves in North Texas

Mar 8, 2014 by

W. Cartwright in Mesquite

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it's not been fixed. Now there's a blue tent over it.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it’s not been fixed. Now there’s a blue tent over it.

–One of the most dangerous curves in North Texas

I’ve been in the Stoneleigh Apartment complex in Mesquite/Balch Springs, Texas for almost four years now. Over that time, there have been multiple single-car accidents at the intersection exiting the complex and into the curve headed toward Belt Line Road.

Most of the accidents clearly have been caused from drivers well exceeding the 40-mile-per-hour speed limit.

In the field just past Stoneleigh to the east, the owners used to have a fence up. After a car would plow thru it, they’d rebuild it.  Last spring, they finally decided they’d spent enough on fencing and replaced it with small pine trees. Some are growing okay, most look like they’re on the edge of death, and frankly, they are–the from the next idiot who comes flying around the curve and loses control of their car.Dec. 5, 2011

Last June, as you will recall, one driver came thru the intersection and flew in between the major light pole and the telephone pole in the intersection and straight into the AT&T phone box there. It took AT&T almost four months to get parts in to replace the box while we got to see that ridiculous looking tarp tent they built. AT&T July 11

There have been other times when whoever hit the telephone pole hit it and it snapped about 15-20 feet up. I knew something had happened that time because at 4 a.m. or so the power went out.

Two weeks ago, a truck was stopped in the right lane of the road just past the intersection because it’s right rear tire had fallen off.

This morning, ANOTHER truck was stopped in almost the same spot and guess what, right rear tire missing.

School Bus Passing

Another frequent illegal event that happens in front of Stoneleigh Apartments on W. Cartwright is the number of drivers in the interior, east-bound lane who patently ignore the flashing RED lights on the school bus about 8:10 a.m. on school days. I’ve seen this happen on at least three occasions in the past month. What makes this even more inexcusable is that these same drivers stopped for the bus when it picked up high schoolers just 100 yards to the west on the 2


Someone is going to get creamed one of these times by one of these people who are exceeding the speed limit and coming around the curve on W. Cartwright in Mesquite. Increasing the odds of this happening are the ridiculous hold times that the light stays green, and for those wanting to turn left out of the apartment complex, having to sit there like dead ducks at the red light.

For a while last year the Mesquite Police Department ran radar in the evenings in front of Stoneleigh to catch some who were headed home a little too fast down Cartwright. But it’s been months since this has been done and the speeds haven’t changed.

Maybe something can be done and done before someone gets hurt, possibly a child waiting for the bus or a mom with a car full of kids trying to leave the apartments and head west toward 635.  Sadly, it looks like it might take something like that for there to be any plausible action taken.

Maybe instead of holding so long, it ought to take less time to sit to come out of the apartment complex and more time for people to sit there at the light going toward the east. The only light previous to the exit at Cartwright is uphill and at the entrance ramp to 635 North.  The next light is at Belt Line and one cannot go from 635 and thru the light at Belt Line without stopping because of the timing. Perhaps a little more red light time on W. Cartwright is the answer. I don’t know, but I wish the Mesquite Police Department and the Mesquite city traffic engineers would consider this before we have a fatality.  Otherwise, it is almost assuredly going to happen.


And in regard to the school bus getting passed while kids are boarding in the morning and the lights are flashing, my daughter tells me that Dallas County Schools has gone to a system where the buses have cameras and take photos of those who drive by illegally. She said it’s somewhere around a $300 fine.

As ticket happy as the city of Mesquite is, you’d figure they’d have been all over this by now. I hope they at least will be very soon.



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AT&T Please Fix Your AT&T Stadium on Cartwright Road in Mesquite/Balch Springs

Jul 25, 2013 by

So AT&T is going to drop millions on Jerry World.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it's not been fixed. Now there's a blue tent over it.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it’s not been fixed. Now there’s a blue tent over it.

Good for them. (Maybe in their negotiations they could have leveraged Jerry stepping down and NomoRomo getting traded to AAA ball or something for a player to be named later.) I won’t go into my typical Cowboys issues.

No, I just wish that before AT&T spends a lot of money on the dome in Arlington, they’d fix this eyesore at 500 Cartwright Road in Mesquite/Balch Springs, TX that’s been there for more than a month now.

You see, AT&T had the wisdom to put their telephone, cable and DSL box at the intersection of 500 W. Cartwright and too many Mesquite drivers think that Cartwright is something of a race strip. (Thankfully, Mesquite PD has started, well, they had started, running radar thru the area back in June, but it’s been a while now since I’ve seen a car out there.)

I’ve been here for more than three years now and the telephone box in question has been hit at least three times.  One time a car hit the telephone pole at least 15 feet in the air.  I think Bruce Willis must have been driving. There was a fence to the right of the phone box and it’s been taken out so many times by cars veering off the road at high speeds that the owners replaced the fence in April with pine trees….

But on June 22, 2013, the latest no doubt drunken driver exceeding the 40 mph speed limit came flying thru and effectively took out the AT&T box. Somehow, we still have service.  But instead of just putting up a new box, I’m assuming they’re having a new one built, AT&T has let this eyesore of a blue tent, fashioned not too unlike the dome in Arlington, to just sit there.

A month and three days later, it’s still there.

AT&T Please Fix Your AT&T Stadium on Cartwright Road in Mesquite/Balch Springs

It has looked like this for a month now…..

The AT&T Stadium Dome in Mesquite/Balch Springs that's been there for more than a month now.

The AT&T Stadium Dome in Mesquite/Balch Springs that’s been there for more than a month now.

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A Lesson In Crisis Management–Speed Still Kills

Feb 16, 2011 by

In the 1993 documentary, The War Room, about the 1992 presidential campaign of then-Gov. Bill Clinton where James Carville and George Stephanopoulos are basically followed with video cameras through some of the higher points of the ’92 campaign, viewers get taught the mantra of that campaign, which from henceforward, has become the mantra or operating procedure for later presidential campaigns, but for life in general.  When it comes to a crisis situation:  SPEED KILLS.

This might not really have been such a new thought back in 1992, but it was still in the very early days of the Internet and the evolving of the 24/7 news cycle.

Another maxim that came to be around the same time was: Answer an attack in the same medium it was presented. A more colloquial term might be, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” The principals are basically the same.

Crisis Management 2011

In this modern day of instant communications, hesitation can be costly.  Yesterday we were part of two different issues with national corporations–and in both cases, as consumers.

At 8:46 a.m. yesterday, we received an email from a potential vendor.  The email to us also included the email addresses of 736 other people who received a note that 1) one person was now going to be our “individual marketing consultant” (1 IMC v. 737 customers)  and 2) it was a violation of our trust by compromising our potential use of their company to potential competitors.

But Here’s What Really Went Wrong

We sent an email to the person who sent it expressing our displeasure about it.  A day later, we’ve still not heard back from him and there’s little doubt now that we’re going to.  It was reported to us by his boss that she’d not become aware of the matter until noon yesterday–Two hours after our email, nearly four hours after the breach.   By noon yesterday, we’d received similar reply complaints from the others on the list.   We also had received emails from some recipients who didn’t understand what had happened.  And then we also heard from a couple who thought we were spamming them.  But there was no outward response from the company until almost 6 p.m. last night when a portion of the 737 received an apologetic email.  The remainder received one this morning about 10:30–or 26 hours after the problem began to fester.

In that time, we’d posted about this matter.  We’d been a part of several email conversations from the others who had received the email.  And we’d tweeted to raise attention to the problem.  The damage was done.

AT&T–The Attack of the Digging Plumber and AT&T Muzak

Midway through the morning yesterday, some wonderful plumber in our area was digging and severed the lines to our area’s AT&T phone lines.  We went dead in the water without business phones and DSL WiFi and wound up having to work outside the office.  But we tweeted we were having a problem, and from being on the phone for 29:30 to convince AT&T there was even a problem, we found something just as annoying: The Muzak that over modulates, blares and only adds to the stress and anxiety level of having to call AT&T‘s automated line in the first place. (See video here about that.)

But here’s the difference

While it took 26 hours for us to hear back from, (And we need to express here they have taken steps this morning to appease their error) it took AT&T about 45 minutes to begin sending us Twitter replies. 

And they stayed with us the rest of the day giving updates.   They even called after it began to get confusing–after all, there’s only so much you can say in 140 characters.

Speed Killed

In the emails we received from the 736 others who received the email, we saw a number of comments saying they would never do business with the company again.   While they could have been out harvesting and saving clients, they had them jumping out of the boat and didn’t even realize the boat as sinking. Now in talking to their sales manager this morning who was doing damage control 26 hours later, she said she had seen the Twitter posts we had put out about this issue.  The sad part is, they didn’t respond in a timely matter, nor did they respond in the same medium in which the problem occurred.  In‘s case, theirs is a story of speed killing them by doing further harm to their brand.

In contrast, when we sent out a Twitter message about our issue, AT&T was in touch with us almost as fast as was Saturday when we signed up just to look at their options and they were pursuing a sale.  Two people from AT&T contacted us.  One of them called.  Instead of letting things fester, AT&T was doing immediate damage control–they were keeping us from getting more frustrated with them.  And they had no knowledge of the level of frustration we already were enduring because of the situation.  In AT&T‘s case, theirs is a story about speed mitigating further damage to their brands.

Our Story

Our owner served as the communications director of the Dallas school district from Aug. 2001 until June of 2006.  With a district of 186,000 students, 20,000 employees and 1.5 parents for each student, there was always something going on.  And the seven TV stations in town were always pointing them out.  In those times, swift, accurate and concerned reaction was imperative.  This practice helped build trust for the organization from the Dallas community and from the media.  There were even times when live remote trucks were set up in front of his house to ensure that a comment was on the air for the 9 or 10 p.m. news.

Before that, our owner spent 10 years working in the Governor’s Office of Alabama.  Speed killed there, too, and it went in either direction depending on the governor, the media’s reaction, and the like.

From more than 20 years of understanding Speed Kills, we’re uniquely positioned to help others understand and practice this philosophy, too.

Between and AT&T, which do you think came out on the better end of the deal?

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AT&T Customer Service Hold Music System Needs Work

Feb 15, 2011 by

I’m torn writing this.

Today, about 11:15 a.m. CST an idiot plumber/landscaper, someone, was digging near my apartment complex and apparently cut the line to all of those in my area on U-Verse.

I called AT&T and had a 29:30 conversation with a Level-1 tech who after 29:30 told me it was going to be at least 4-5 hours before the problem was fixed.  It’s now 6 hours and 15 minutes later. (Actually, I got distracted on two other projects and it’s 8 p.m. and I have no idea if it’s working at home or not.)

TORN–AT&T’s Twitter Service Is Fantastic!

So I tweeted that I was going to do a video entitled “I’d Rather Talk To My First Wife Than Listen To AT&T‘s On Hold Music.” AT&T, or @ATT jumped in and began trying to help me.  Then @ATTMikeT jumped in.  He even called me and has remained in contact with me throughout the day.  He’s even going to Tweet me when it’s fixed and I know I can go back home.  Right now I’m at my favorite Wing’s place, Boomer Jacks, in Mesquite, TX because they have free and fast WiFi.  Now that’s service.

Now For The Torn Part

So in that 29-minute-and-30-second conversation with the first phone guy–after I got past the electronic voice guy who over the years has actually made me so mad I’ve hung up–I got a techy.  After he determined I wasn’t making up my issue, he put me on hold so he could “refer me up a tier.”

Well it’s when I was on hold that I got the AT&T Customer Service Hold Music.  It’s awful.  It over modulates.  It cuts in and out. It’s horrible music that really doesn’t do anything but inspire one to have even more anxiety–I mean really, who likes to call the power company, the phone company or their bank?

So, while Mike and the other person on @ATT did a great job helping me understand they were working on the problem, the next thing that needs to happen is this video needs to be shown up the “tiers” of management at AT&T.  They’re a huge company.  They have tons of money and yet they have crap quality sounding hold music?  What is that about?

In all fairness, you’ll see in the video, I even turn off the speaker of my iPhone so it’s just the internal speaker.  It’s not any better.

So to Mike and the other AT&T person today, thank you.  Thank you very much.  But please, get someone to fix this.


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