Writing A Novel: What I Do NOT Want To Be Remembered For

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Writing A Novel: What I Do NOT Want To Be Remembered For

Welcome to my series about writing a novel. We are in the beginning stages of a self-study designed to help one whether writing a novel or just interested in identifying ways to learn more about oneself.

Today's exercise: Things you do NOT want to be remembered for....

Today’s exercise: Things you do NOT want to be remembered for….

If you’ve not read the previous posts associated with this thread here on DaddyClaxton.com, I encourage you to jump back to the beginning on Monday, April 21, 2014.

Regardless, today’s exercise is designed to help tickle thoughts about oneself that hopefully can be beneficial.

There are no right or wrong answers here and one need not post their thoughts anywhere. In fact, this is a highly private exercise series.

To take part, I’ve been encouraging people to use 3 x 5 blank notecards, a good pen and their imaginations to do the daily exercise.  Start by writing the day’s question at the top of the card and number them as you go. It’s okay to just put one column or two or three, depending on how big you write. But the point is, to be honest with yourself. Today’s question is a legacy question, one we all must ask ourselves from time-to-time throughout life. This can be a motivational question or it can be a bucket list type question, particularly today.  Spinoffs from this card series today are perfectly fine and even expected and hoped for. If you can identify things you’ve done in the past that you don’t want to be remembered for, maybe you start a list of things you can do to ensure that doesn’t happen or the impact of what was done is outweighed by something more positive or beneficial to others.

The premise for these cards for those writing a novel is to keep an inventory of characteristics that can be projected onto fictional characters once a writer begins the process of writing a novel. But honestly, they can be just as positive or beneficial to someone who just wants to enjoy more about what this life has to offer.

You don’t have to post your list below. If you’d like to share, that’s perfectly fine. But this really is designed for a personal study and reflection.


What I DO NOT wanted to be remembered for?



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Writing A Novel: A self-study?

Apr 22, 2014 by

Writing A Novel: A self-study?  Over on DaddyClaxton.com today we’re writing about an unexpected benefit of writing a novel–doing an in-depth personal self-study of oneself in order to be able to write a novel. Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.16.57 AM The logic makes perfect sense. If one is going to get into the minds of multiple fictional characters, there are many things that seemingly would need to be straight within the mind of the originating author as well, right? So today, and for several days to come actually, we’re posing a series of questions that we believe all authors, and even those not wanting to write, should ponder and do so seriously. Did you know that almost 95 percent of the population will never do such an exercise? In our mind, we’d rather be in the five percent who does. Life will seemingly make a little more sense. We hope. We encourage you to jump over to DaddyClaxton.com and read the set up and then do today’s exercise and the ones to follow in the days to come.  We think you’ll be glad you did.

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Writing a Novel: The project has initiated on DaddyClaxton.com

Apr 21, 2014 by

Writing a Novel: The project has initiated on DaddyClaxton.com

Today on my companion website, DaddyClaxton.com, I’ve begun with announcement. I’ve been working several months now to begin the process of writing a novel. Actually, it really began sometime last year when I began with a print copy of Robert McKee’s book, Story, and spending untold hours with it and an ink pen making active notes throughout the work.

That has spring boarded from a desire as a publisher of online books to an itch to become an author as well. The Beginning Of Writing A Novel

And an even better discovery has happened along the way. I’ve found that in order to be a good novel writer/play write/novella writers, etc. one has to be in very good touch with himself. That has led to a massive self-study effort that you will find reflected in the posts that are to come on DaddyClaxton.com and here on ClaxtonCreative.com.

This is by no means meant to be a week or two-week series. It’s already survived longer than that pre-announcement.

I encourage you to bookmark this site and check back often for new information. Check out DaddyClaxton.com, too.

My friend, mentor and digital book colleague Ron Rose has cautioned me about the enormity of the effort I’ve begun.  I’ve responded in saying that I get it, but in all likelihood, I can’t possibly “get it” until I have completely weathered the task.

If you have tips and ideas along the way, I encourage you to share them.  I don’t believe for a second I will have all right answers and suggestions from those of you at various places in the process will be most helpful.

So here we go. Onward…..

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EA SPORTS Active helps me escape to the tropics during the holiday rush #EASActive

Dec 7, 2009 by

It’s that special time of year.  You know, hustling to stores to find gifts for friends and family, getting kids to play practice, getting kids to the play, running kids to their normal range of activities, some important civic projects are underway, and then there’s work and all of its demands, and then I’m playing Santa 12 nights this year in our front yard so local children can come by and express their wishes for the holiday.  I could think of a dozen other things to add to the list and it all comes down to the simple fact—I need to escape; like to the tropics.
In April of this year I began a journey to get myself into better shape.  That was going keenly until September when I came down with a intestinal ailment that necessitated putting physical workouts on hold.  But I’m better now and thank goodness, for like I said, I need an escape; like to the tropics.
Enter the 6-Week Challenge with EA SPORTS Active’s new “More Workouts,” the souped up version of the product I began using back in April.   And instead of workouts in a pleasant northern park, these new workouts are kicking it and guess where they take me each day to workout.  Answer: to the tropics.
From the second you start up the new product, you know this is going to be more intense.  It just has that feel to it.  Then you pick a workout.  There is a new wide array of exercise options—water skiing is one of my favorites, along with the expanded cardio boxing. The obstacle courses are awesome and really get my heart pumping and lungs burning.  (The turtle hops on the course where you have to hop to a different foot as though you were jumping turtle to turtle in the water are an incredible challenge.  Particularly the part where you land and have to stand there on one foot and keep your balance without falling into the ocean.)
Of course, I get better and better at each exercise the more of them I do.
The step aerobics have been fun, too.  Being a guy, I’ve never set foot in a gym’s aerobics class, so I’ll admit, I was like a lost ball in high grass for the first several minutes of my first circuit.  But then I got my steps together and it was really fun to do.  My daughters did a couple of circuits with me and we all had a great time doing daddy/daughter exercises in the family room.
I’m not pushing the loss of weight this go around.  What I’m more focused on is restoring the right habits in my life that got broken because of my illness in the fall.  Some of my friends who saw my birthday pictures recently on Facebook and on my Web site, www.DaddyClaxton.com have said I look much, much skinnier.  There are days when I don’t feel like it, and I was reminded yesterday that I’m on a journey.  There are going to be hills and valleys and turns in the road we don’t expect.  The important thing is to get back up when life’s challenges get you down and keep on plugging.
I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to use EA SPORTS Active’s More Workouts.  My escapes to the tropics this winter already have been worth each and every visit.  And thankfully, there still are many more to come. 

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