December 2011

Dec 9, 2011 by

Well, December 2011 is flying by.  Sort of.

Lots of work is going on on a couple of new and incredible projects.

Christbaumkugel Svenska: En typisk julgranskula

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Last night my girls and I stopped at the house of former next door neighbors of ours and decided to knock on the door and say hi.  We haven’t visited with the couple since we moved out of the house and into the one with our last domestic disaster.

At first, the man, Doug, didn’t recognized me.   As we shook hands, he just stared at me, knowing me, but it was taking a while to place me.

Then he looked at the girls. They used to wander over to his house every couple of days for a visit.

We found out his wife has been enduring stage IV cancer this year.  From the sound of it, she’s living a miracle.

She said her fellow workmates this year donated 17 weeks of leave to her while she was out, hospitalized, and undergoing chemo.

Hair gone and wrapped last night, it was still so good to see her.  And the girls really enjoyed stepping back in time.

“As soon as I walked in and smelled the house, I knew where I was,” one of them said as we drove back here to the apartment.

I heard this morning that our house should be moved out of by Dec. 17.  We’re waiting.

No Christmas ornaments, tree or anything else is visible inside our house.  That’s unheard of for me.  And as of 12/9 and maybe moving on 12/18 or so, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll even put something out.  I don’t know.  I’m just not feeling it right now.  I’ve seen so much pain and loss this year.  So much suffering, and have spent so many days in the hospital this year myself.

But like our former neighbor, I’m still here.  Alive.  It’s so good to still be alive.


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Three Roads Home For Easter–Which one to take?

Apr 22, 2011 by

This Easter weekend I want to be home.  Problem is, which one?  After 46 years of life and a good many of them with a dad in the air force, (I’ve moved 35 times in 46 years) even the definition of “home” to me is skewed.  These days with family all over the map, it’s really an emotional undertaking to decide where I should go.  I know I’m not the only one with this issue. But I’m truly aching to be in three places with different levels of family.  And that’s agonizing.

Home is where the heart is.

My mom always used to say that when we were growing up.  So tonight, I write that home is in three places. If you count the Taylor’s house in Huntsville, AL, where I’ve been the past few weeks, there’s a fourth.

I wanted to drive back to Dallas this weekend to be with my kids.   But there was said to be a meeting planned for tomorrow; one that has been moved to next Saturday.  That killed the option of driving home 10 hours to Dallas.  The longer I’ve been away the fewer text messages and phone calls I’m getting from my girls.  Of course, I’m literally working all day long and into the nights, too, so it’s a challenge to have a long conversation anyways.

Dad and I talked last night and Grandma Claxton has had a rough week at 86.  I got a good conversation in with her tonight, so I feel better about how she’s doing.  But there aren’t many more Easters left with her in them.  She talked about an outfit she’s worn on Easter Sundays the past few years.  She said she told Dad it wouldn’t look good on her unless she was wearing high heals and she’s had problems walking of late.

And then there is the road south to Montgomery.  I’ve not been in Montgomery for Easter Sunday in a decade.  Literally.  And it was always my house that everyone gathered at because I so enjoyed cooking for everyone.  All I would tell anyone to bring was “A smile.”

It’s three hours to Montgomery,  about 8 hours to Northern Indiana, and it’s about 11 hours to Dallas.

So at this writing, I’m opting for Montgomery, and keeping an eye to the west and the other in the rear view mirror to the north.  The meal is at mom’s.  Y’all come.

And damn, the Taylors are having steaks.

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Think About This: Messages in a Mason Jar

Jan 6, 2011 by

It’s time to dig into the Mason Jar Christmas gifts from my daughters again.  My heart is now warmed for the day.

Today’s messages:  La La Looking Good!  I love you enjoy music. And then I enjoy spending time with you.

I share these messages because I encourage you to think about the same project with your own kids.  My girls each got a Mason Jar with words of wisdom.  They each gave me one that has special messages from them.  When I need an extra lift in my day, these have been worth all the Christmas presents I’ve received in the past 45 years combined.  Well, there was that one year …   I’m kidding.

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Hilfiger/Honda HOLIDAY jingle a real song by Vampire Weekend!

Dec 25, 2010 by

On a lark last night somewhere between White Christmas on AMC and A Christmas Story on TBS, my daughter Chandler and I wondered if the up beat Holiday jingle being played this season in the Honda and Tommy Hilfiger commercials was just a jingle or actually a real song.  Well, thanks to ATT U-verse controls to be able to back the song up and play it again, and thanks to the iPhone App Shazam I soon discovered that Holiday, oh, holiday, the best time of the year, is a real song.  It’s by Vampire Weekend, (I know) and the song, surprisingly enough is called–HOLIDAY, and came out Jan. 10, 2010.

I’m a sucker for syncopation that makes the down beat the up beat and the up beat the down beat.   Very cool, guys.

Here, you can watch it and ready the lyrics below.

Holiday by Vampire Weekend

Holiday, oh, a holiday
And the best one of the year!
Dozing off underneath my sheets
While I cover both my ears!

But if I wait for a holiday
Could it stop my fears?
To go away on a summer’s day
Never seemed so clear!

Holiday, still so far away
Our republic on the beach!
I can’t forget just how bad it gets
When I’m counting on my teeth!

But if I wait for a holiday
Could it stop my fears?
To go away on a summer’s day
Never seemed so clear.

A vegetarian since the invasion
She’d never seen the word bombs
She’d never seen the word bombs blown up to 96-point Futura
She’d never seen an A-K
In a yellowy day-glo display
A t-shirt so lovely,
It turned all the history books gray.

I got wheels, I got Cutter spray
And a healthy sense of worth!
Half of me is the gasoline
But the other half’s the surf!

So if I wait for a holiday
Could it stop my fears?
To away on a summer’s day
Never seemed so clear.

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