EA SPORTS Active 2 just SCREAMS of coolness

Nov 29, 2010 by

I just received my EA SPORTS Active 2 from my good friends in Vancouver and just opened the box.  Having been one of the original 30-day challengers and having lost about 48 pounds using the first version, just opening the box is a cool experience.  (When we got the first EA SPORTS Active units in the mail, someone had put a “Cool Sh**” sticker on the box.  This one should have had “Beyond Cool Sh**!”)

EA SPORTS Active 2

I’ve not plugged the product in yet.  I wanted to share the coolness of just having it with you first.

What’s new?  Well, put the Wii Nunchuck back in the cabinet.  Put the leg band one had to previously wear and stop and stuff the handle of the nunchuck in and out of between upper body and lower body workout exercises.  I didn’t mind doing it as most times, it gave me the chance to catch my breath.

What else?  There’s a heart monitor band that goes around your arm just below your elbow.  It’s going to give you a real-time read out of your heart rate so that you can see whether or not you’re really pushing yourself.

There’s also a leg monitor now that’s sending real time data about what you’re doing to the Wii Console.  It’s read via a USB plugin to the Wii Console.

And then there’s a GREEN stretch band.  The old ones were red.  This one smells famously like wintergreen.

Before Using EA SPORTS Active 2

I’m excited.  I’m pumped actually.  And here’s a new cool part of it all.  There’s an online community you can be a part of via the Wii so that when you finish a workout, it sends the data to the EA SPORTS Active Community Cloud and EVERYONE knows whether you were working out and giving it all or not. Talk about accountability.  This means people also will be able to tell if you’re even working out or not.  Now that’s cool because let’s face it, losing weight isn’t easy.  Staying motivated about it isn’t either.  And we all know what happens when we have other life distractions all about us fighting for our time and focus.

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp

This didn’t come today, but Kathryn, I’d love to try it.  It’s a football-based training program that puts users right into the football drills and conditioning workouts of an NFL training camp.  The product was developed in collaboration with NFL strength and conditioning coaches.  This means, like with all EA SPORTS products, it’s as close to the real deal as one can get.

Okay, I’ve got some more work to do today, but I can’t wait to get the new product set up and get going.  I’ll let you know where my data’s posting once I get there. I’ve also got to go see if the apartment complex’s workout center has a scale.  I hope I don’t break it.

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Weight Loss Reality: Mirror Confessions from a Fat Man #EASActive

Jan 8, 2010 by

Hi guys, I shot a new video clip this morning from the SLS Hotel here in Beverly Hills.  With all the mirrors in this place, it’s very easy to see yourself in something closer to 3D. 

I’ve been on the EA SPORTS Active program since April.  But I’ve had breaks in between.  And before I got diverticulitis, I was doing very well.  Then I got off track by doctor’s orders.  Well, I’m back at it.

And here are my Mirror Confessions. I’m still fat, much bigger than I want to be after eight months.  So, please, let’s all band together and help get the New Year going with some new workouts.

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CBS 11 in Dallas’ feature on @DaddyClaxton using #EASAactive

Jan 2, 2010 by

North Texas Man Loses Weight With The Wii

MESQUITE (CBS 11 / TXA 21) ―

As the new year begins, many people have resolved to lose a few pounds.
There are several creative and motivational ways to make your exercise
routine different and challenging, but one local man has found weight
loss success playing video games typically enjoyed by kids and young

Donny Claxton is a North Texas public relations executive, and a father
to seven kids. Last spring, Claxton weighed 370 pounds. But he has shed
30 pounds with "EA Sports Active" and the new "EA Sports Active: More
Workouts" games for the Nintendo Wii.

"For guys who are unfortunate, like me, who have gotten a little bigger
than we want to be, this is a real good solution," Claxton said. "From
the second you turn it on and get going on it, you get going."

The motion-controlled remote and a balance board accessory have helped
the Nintendo Wii evolve into much more than a device for playing games.
Software is being developed that focuses on getting players to stand
up, move around and work off the extra pounds.

One of the newest exercise programs is "EA Sports Active: More
Workouts," an expansion to the original "EA Sports Active" game
released earlier in the year. The game uses a specially-designed leg
strap and tension band in conjunction with the Wii's remote and balance
board. And the activities are designed to provide a fun workout. "It
works every part of your body," said Claxton.

There are more than 35 exercises including an obstacle course, boxing,
lunges and running. "It varies up which exercises you are going to do
in each workout," Claxton explained, "so that you don't get into a
routine. You don't get bored with it. And that you are always doing
something fun and different."

And, as you continue to workout, the game changes with you. It adapts
to your fitness level, tracks your progress and weight and shows how
many calories you have burned. It even reminds you when you've missed a
day or two. It's like having a personal trainer in a box.

"As you get better and better, and deeper and deeper into a workout,"
explained Claxton, "it increases the intensity automatically to help
push you a little bit harder and a little bit further."

So now, Claxton is not stopping at 30 pounds lost. He is hopeful that
the program will help him reach his ultimate goal. "By summer of next
year, to have lost 130 pounds from when I started," he said. "I really
want to be down in the 240-250 range."

All this exercise, all this weight loss, without ever leaving his home.

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