W. Cartwright in Mesquite–One of the most dangerous curves in North Texas

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W. Cartwright in Mesquite

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it's not been fixed. Now there's a blue tent over it.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it’s not been fixed. Now there’s a blue tent over it.

–One of the most dangerous curves in North Texas

I’ve been in the Stoneleigh Apartment complex in Mesquite/Balch Springs, Texas for almost four years now. Over that time, there have been multiple single-car accidents at the intersection exiting the complex and into the curve headed toward Belt Line Road.

Most of the accidents clearly have been caused from drivers well exceeding the 40-mile-per-hour speed limit.

In the field just past Stoneleigh to the east, the owners used to have a fence up. After a car would plow thru it, they’d rebuild it.  Last spring, they finally decided they’d spent enough on fencing and replaced it with small pine trees. Some are growing okay, most look like they’re on the edge of death, and frankly, they are–the from the next idiot who comes flying around the curve and loses control of their car.Dec. 5, 2011

Last June, as you will recall, one driver came thru the intersection and flew in between the major light pole and the telephone pole in the intersection and straight into the AT&T phone box there. It took AT&T almost four months to get parts in to replace the box while we got to see that ridiculous looking tarp tent they built. AT&T July 11

There have been other times when whoever hit the telephone pole hit it and it snapped about 15-20 feet up. I knew something had happened that time because at 4 a.m. or so the power went out.

Two weeks ago, a truck was stopped in the right lane of the road just past the intersection because it’s right rear tire had fallen off.

This morning, ANOTHER truck was stopped in almost the same spot and guess what, right rear tire missing.

School Bus Passing

Another frequent illegal event that happens in front of Stoneleigh Apartments on W. Cartwright is the number of drivers in the interior, east-bound lane who patently ignore the flashing RED lights on the school bus about 8:10 a.m. on school days. I’ve seen this happen on at least three occasions in the past month. What makes this even more inexcusable is that these same drivers stopped for the bus when it picked up high schoolers just 100 yards to the west on the road.photo 2


Someone is going to get creamed one of these times by one of these people who are exceeding the speed limit and coming around the curve on W. Cartwright in Mesquite. Increasing the odds of this happening are the ridiculous hold times that the light stays green, and for those wanting to turn left out of the apartment complex, having to sit there like dead ducks at the red light.

For a while last year the Mesquite Police Department ran radar in the evenings in front of Stoneleigh to catch some who were headed home a little too fast down Cartwright. But it’s been months since this has been done and the speeds haven’t changed.

Maybe something can be done and done before someone gets hurt, possibly a child waiting for the bus or a mom with a car full of kids trying to leave the apartments and head west toward 635.  Sadly, it looks like it might take something like that for there to be any plausible action taken.

Maybe instead of holding so long, it ought to take less time to sit to come out of the apartment complex and more time for people to sit there at the light going toward the east. The only light previous to the exit at Cartwright is uphill and at the entrance ramp to 635 North.  The next light is at Belt Line and one cannot go from 635 and thru the light at Belt Line without stopping because of the timing. Perhaps a little more red light time on W. Cartwright is the answer. I don’t know, but I wish the Mesquite Police Department and the Mesquite city traffic engineers would consider this before we have a fatality.  Otherwise, it is almost assuredly going to happen.


And in regard to the school bus getting passed while kids are boarding in the morning and the lights are flashing, my daughter tells me that Dallas County Schools has gone to a system where the buses have cameras and take photos of those who drive by illegally. She said it’s somewhere around a $300 fine.

As ticket happy as the city of Mesquite is, you’d figure they’d have been all over this by now. I hope they at least will be very soon.



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When Do You As A Parent Defend Your Student Worker From A Jackass?

Oct 9, 2013 by

When Do You As A Parent Defend Your Student Worker From A Jackass?

My eldest daughter, 16, took the initiative this January and went out and got herself a job. She wanted more freedom to have her own money to spend. She had plans for buying a car. She had high expectations and soon realized that being a student worker isn’t easy. Yet she endured through the spring work of her sophomore year and into the summer when she took some dual credit courses here in town.  They were harder than high school and that was an important lesson for her as well.

But as the 2012-13 school year wound down and the summer courses in college kicked in, management at her job changed and it soon became apparent, more than the normal complaints anyone would have about working in fast food, that the new manager had it out for her.

Trying to let her be 16 and maturing into a young adult, I bit my tongue and let things to continue to ride.

I heard complaints about how the manager was doing this, how he was contradicting himself, how he was picking on her, how he was saying she wasn’t greeting people as they came through the lines, etc. I’d been in the restaurant a couple of times and observed her working. She was never holding the walls up but was always active stocking and restocking the food bar and when there were people in line, she’d help get them the extra fish, or shrimp or whatever they were requesting/complaining about, and usually with something of a smile.

So this progressed. Then she wanted to take a week off for her finals because the college work was hard. Another weekend she wanted to take a Friday off because of the Warped Tour concert that she’s gone to each year for the past three. Another weekend, she wrote a note to the manager and let him know that she wasn’t going to be able to work the following weekend because I was to be out of town on business and she wouldn’t have a way to get to and from.

After that, and with ridicule then, he stopped putting her on the schedule.  Two weeks ago now, after being left off the schedule twice again, and having decided that she wanted to concentrate on the new school year, my daughter took in a resignation letter. The same manager who had been showing his ass to her all summer long decided he needed one last hurrah and ridiculed her once again saying that he had been in honors this and that when he was in school, had worked nearly a full-time part-time position and still made high grades. It wasn’t necessary.  It wasn’t good management on his part, and if he was all that great, he wouldn’t be working at that restaurant, he’d be running Apple or something.

Today, I finally went looking on the corporate site and wrote them a letter about how disappointed I was in their manager’s poor decisions. No, it’s not his job to be teaching high school students the ropes of life by holding their hands through their first jobs, but he didn’t have to be a jackass about it either.

When it is your child being picked on by an adult, when is the right time to finally step in and put a stop to the bullshit? Texas is a right to work state so technically, management can fire anyone for any reason at any time.  But when a 16-year-old employee brings you a letter letting you know they’re quitting to focus on school, you don’t tell them you fired them two weeks ago, without calling them or giving them anything in writing, because “it was their job” to let you know that even though they had only asked for one week off, you decided it was their responsibility to tell them you could work once again the next week.

Depending on how the human resources department replies to my letter, this hopefully will be the last post about this. But as much of a jackass as this ass has been to my daughter, something tells me they’re going to need a negative PR campaign waged against them before it’s all over. Not what I want to do, but when you’re messing with my daughter and her future, well, we’re going to have issues.


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AT&T Please Fix Your AT&T Stadium on Cartwright Road in Mesquite/Balch Springs

Jul 25, 2013 by

So AT&T is going to drop millions on Jerry World.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it's not been fixed. Now there's a blue tent over it.

Another crazy-assed Mesquite driver took out the AT&T phone box on June 22, 2013. A month and five days, it’s not been fixed. Now there’s a blue tent over it.

Good for them. (Maybe in their negotiations they could have leveraged Jerry stepping down and NomoRomo getting traded to AAA ball or something for a player to be named later.) I won’t go into my typical Cowboys issues.

No, I just wish that before AT&T spends a lot of money on the dome in Arlington, they’d fix this eyesore at 500 Cartwright Road in Mesquite/Balch Springs, TX that’s been there for more than a month now.

You see, AT&T had the wisdom to put their telephone, cable and DSL box at the intersection of 500 W. Cartwright and too many Mesquite drivers think that Cartwright is something of a race strip. (Thankfully, Mesquite PD has started, well, they had started, running radar thru the area back in June, but it’s been a while now since I’ve seen a car out there.)

I’ve been here for more than three years now and the telephone box in question has been hit at least three times.  One time a car hit the telephone pole at least 15 feet in the air.  I think Bruce Willis must have been driving. There was a fence to the right of the phone box and it’s been taken out so many times by cars veering off the road at high speeds that the owners replaced the fence in April with pine trees….

But on June 22, 2013, the latest no doubt drunken driver exceeding the 40 mph speed limit came flying thru and effectively took out the AT&T box. Somehow, we still have service.  But instead of just putting up a new box, I’m assuming they’re having a new one built, AT&T has let this eyesore of a blue tent, fashioned not too unlike the dome in Arlington, to just sit there.

A month and three days later, it’s still there.

AT&T Please Fix Your AT&T Stadium on Cartwright Road in Mesquite/Balch Springs

It has looked like this for a month now…..

The AT&T Stadium Dome in Mesquite/Balch Springs that's been there for more than a month now.

The AT&T Stadium Dome in Mesquite/Balch Springs that’s been there for more than a month now.

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Zaditor–The Cure for Itching Eyes in Texas

May 18, 2013 by

Zaditor--The Cure for Itching Eyes in Texas

WFAA Weatherman Pete Delkus keeps tweeting to North Texas–If you’re allergic to grass, the pollen is high right now–but you already knew that.

Zaditor, the cure for itching eyes in Texas.

Zaditor, the cure for itching eyes in Texas.

And indeed, one of my daughters has been having a horrible time of it for about two months now and I’ve been skating past–until the past three weeks.  I got outside, get in the car and drive maybe a mile or two and I find I’ve got tears running out of the corners of my eyes. But I’m not crying. And then my eyes are red. And burning.  And then I’m cursing the name of Pete Delkus.  Okay, it’s really not his fault.

So this morning I was talking to my mom, a nurse, who after I told her what the problem was said, go get some Zaditor. It’s over-the-counter and it has antihistamine in it. The other thing she said was it’s expensive.

So I was almost to Walmart today and found my way to the eye drop section and there it was for about $11. Next to it was the Walmart Equate brand for $8 maybe.  I bought the Equate version.


So you’re only supposed to use it twice a day but already after one dose, it’s been like, well, when it isn’t grass pollen time in Texas.

This has worked today better than Sudafed, better than Clariton D, better than Visine.

So here’s the pitch. Try Zaditor or the Equate version.  Zaditor, if you’d contact me and send me some samples I’d love to give your product a run, too, knowing it’s the same thing basically. And hey, while you’re here, on the Zaditor Website you can get a coupon for the wonder drug for $1 off retail price. Every bit counts in this day and age and truly, I would have liked to have gotten the brand name, but seriously,  Zaditor feels like it’s the genuine cure for itching eyes in Texas. Really, I suppose it’d work in a state that’s not Texas, too, but hey, few other states do grass pollen like Texas… Ye haw….

And thanks, mom.

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Books For iPad–The Ongoing Training & Maintenance Manual Revolution

Nov 21, 2012 by

Books For iPad–The Ongoing Training & Maintenance Manual Revolution

Books for iPad now are being used for training purposes as well as in the field for things like aircraft and automobile maintenance, and even things like cookbooks.

English: An image of an iPad 2.

English: An image of an iPad 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because images, scrubbers/interactive images, 3D animations and even videos can be embedded in a book for iPad, they can be used in the field by technicians and practitioners.

Which would you rather haul around, a 3-inch binder full of technical manuals or an iPad that has the same and regularly updated information with photos and videos?

There exists great potential for books for iPad in corporate training and even maintenance manuals. Picture yourself as an aircraft mechanic working on a jet engine and instead of hauling around a 3-inch binder written by the manufacturer a couple of years ago, you now can have an updated version on your iPad with you all the time and use it whenever it is needed with far less hassle and inconvenience.

Training and maintenance materials in a book for iPad can save time, costs and maybe even lives.

 Do You Have Materials Ready To Process?

We are a publisher of books for iPad located in Dallas, Texas, USA and we are ready to work with your company to develop the right materials to help make your training and maintenance manuals and materials the most up-to-date and innovatively successful tools you can provide your employees. Just complete the manuscript submission process above or give us a call today at 972-863-8784 and let’s talk about how to move your company forward.


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